More stories..(catching up..) Spring Break

Because of all this, BCCH, CI surgery etc..I barely had a chance to catch up.   Today we are going back to BCCH for follow up.  Cory's new CI arrived today (to update his old one), what a timing! 
Remember about our little incident that Cory ends up at the hospital, and got some stitches.  Now, the day of our flight, we had few more to add..
My dad offered to drive us to the airport at wee morning..and naturally, Sean locked up the house and off we go!   AT the airport, we got through some security, got the flight tickets etc..then we got a phone call!  My dad couldn't get into our house!!  (to pick up our dog, Pepper) We had some new keys made for security reasons..and Sean swears that there is one secret key in our garage.   My dad couldn't find it.    Naturally, I thought Sean would pass on his keys when we left.   
Sean had to call a locksmith..a friend of ours, luckily for us, he was home at the time.   And in the meantime, we were in shopping area, killing time and bought few things for the plane ride.   Cory was with me, he got bored waiting at the cashier.  He told me " daddy, pointing" and was walking over.  I told him ok..go see daddy (he was on the phone..) and I made an eye contact with Sean.."cory".   After five minutes, I paid and left.   CA asked me..where is Cory?  I told her that he is with daddy.   And I looked over..and I didn't see Cory anywhere near him.    My heart STOPPED!!!!!!    I ran over and asked Sean "where is Cory?"   he was still talking on the phone.   Sean thought Cory was with us.   We quickly looked around us and the area, went back to the store.  Nothing!  Then I started to call him..but duh..he is deaf!  He won't be able to hear me calling him ..its too noisy and big surrounding.  Then we all started looking for him...after about 5 minutes..nothing.  I started to panic..it was the worst feeling in the world!   Security came and help us looking for him.   Another 5 minutes, We went down further and further...and someone found him!  A lady with a little girl was towing Cory and was looking around to see if someone could claim him.   Boy..I was so relieved, scared, mad and happy.   Cory was just happily wandering around .  I can't believe how far he went..passed about five stores, at the end of food fair from where we were! whoa!   I thanked the lady profoundly and went to tell everyone that Cory was found!   He knews that I was furious for wandering off..I just said NOTHING to him..I was too upset to say anything.   We went back to our waiting area.  I sat him down and told him to STAY there.  Until I was calm again...what an ordeal!    First the ambulance ride, hospital, stitches, Pepper locked out of the house..and this.  "   Talk about feeling stressed huh..and our vacation hasn't started yet!


stupid blog..

Just wanted to comment that Im trying a new template..but it looks like I screwed it up.  sorry about that. I don t have time right now..  its UNDER construction at this moment.  sorry about it!

Not prepared for "the outcomes" to come..

Day 5..after the surgery.  I would think things are going to be smooth and ..not.   It's a small thing..but as a mom..I think its more "upsetting" in sense that we are suppose to be "ok" with aftermath.  On Friday, we noticed that Cory had bit of bleeding in his ear.  It was mostly dried up.  But at least, one mom already warned me about this..so I was ok with it.   I'm so glad she did warned me because I would have been little upset.  I have took First Aid for years, years and anything that in "head" injury or a blow in the head and there's bleeding in ears or nose..sooo it means a red flag type of thing?   SO I just checked that out, knowing it was to be "expected".   HOWever, on Saturday, he had bit of bleeding nose, again it was dark red and it wasn't running down typically but it stayed there in his nose.   After that..nothing else more.  So I think the timing over the weekend is not so good..no one is there at BCCH (CI team) if we wanted to call and ask about it etc.  So we chalked this up as normal, I guess.   I think my stomach said otherwise..   
Today it happened again...we were on the way to PALS preschool.  And I asked two moms about it..no one is saying..GO to emergency!!! but it's something different for all of us.  Even with one therapist I asked..she isn't sure either.   So Sean called them this morning..and awaiting for them to call back...two hours later..we finally got the reassured that its ok..keep an eye on it and so on.  The nurse emailed me a "typical" nosebleed hand outs..Im like ??????!!!!!!   That kind of handout is something for my brother, who has nose bleeds many many times ..but this is different!  I even had to tell Sean a dumb question..does this nurse know that Cory just had surgery..in his "head"?????   I wasn't talking about a typical nose bleed! duh.

We just have to keep an eye on it for few days..He is going in on Wednesday for follow up anyway..so I could wait. Unless this guts tell me otherwise..if it happened again. 

Another thing, I got an email on Sunday morning from public nurse in Fraser Health. (didn't know they work on sunday????)  She sent me an urgent email that Cory's vaccination was little outdated! and she wanted him to come in asap for another Pneumo 23 vaccine.  Prior to before the surgery, Cory is supposed to have update with all vaccine PLUS double doses.   Then the nurse asked me when is he having surgery?  I was like !?!?!  are you kidding me???  Talk about my blood pressure...jeezzzz..the CI team was very strict with it and had to make sure its all covered and even they called the Public health and my doctor to make sure it's all updated BEFORE the surgery!  
How they just give him the expired one??   Sean called her and she said its probably ok..but just a precaution to give him another one.   MY doctor said no way...she refused to do it for third time around..so right now. I m sitting here and waiting to hear from CI nurse from BCCH to let me know what the verdict is.

Happy Monday huh???


CI moment..I think he feels "cheated". any ideas?

ahhh..who doesn't love Saturday mornings??  Sitting in bed, drinking coffee, watching Bugs Bunny show with the kids.  Life is good!  He woke up and I asked him how did you sleep? (in sign language..no CI yet)  He said "sleep hard, sore here (in left ear where new CI is)".  wow.  He is able to tell me how he feels..that is awesome. 
We had a CI moment...usually I'm flexible with not putting our hearing devices right away.   But Cory asked for it..and he ran and got it himself!  (but he forgot the battery..something I'm thinking whether he is old enough to show how to use the battery..put in device etc?..ummmm)    Anyway, I put it on and he said "where is the other one?"..wow.  I had to tell him..no no not yet.  One month..you have to heal first.  He got upset and kept asking for the new one.  I think he feels "cheated"?   he is only (almost 3) 2 and its a hard concept to have.  He expected to get a new one..feel excited about it.  Went through surgery and was a brave little boy and then get nothing??   AND to tell him one month..oy.  He was patience for few days..and now he is not!   I 'll have to set up a calendar system and show him that he will get it at certain day.  I did asked the hospital but they wouldn't tell me specific date.  groannnnnn.  How do I tell him?  any ideas?  this is obviously very bright boy..so no tricks please!  :(



I think Cory was not used to being outdoor as much as I thought.  So we have been exploring things, like bugs, worms, gardening, crabs on beach etc.   He does get gross out with squirmy things, crawling things etc.   So I have to be a good role model about those things and show him not to be afraid of certain things.  So this morning, we went for a walk, we found lots of worms all over the sidewalk.  That kid wouldn't touch it!!!!   He tells me to leave it on the ground..and unfortunately he stomped one.   Lesson two coming up..on that one. 
Anyway, I got a pie plate and picked up a few with soil.   We bought it home..and left it on the kitchen counter.   Cory would come up few times to check it out..he was getting warm to the idea of worms. He loves to watch them "wave".  He would wave them back.  LOL.  And to watch them buried themselves into the dirt.   Then we went upstair...
After about 30 minutes, the some of the worms were GONE!!!!!    I tried very hard not to "freak" out (remember being a role model???)   I found one in the kitchen floor, one on the counter by the stove and one under the couch.  HOW the heck did they go that far and fast?~!??   My turn to say "ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!"    That is it..out they go!!!   Cory then got upset..sighh.  He wants to bring it to his room.  NOT!

Too cute...Big sister and little brother love.

My daughter, Carrie-Anne just had a dental surgery today, pulled two teeth out (baby ones) to make room for new teeth to grow properly.   She came home looking like bit of chipmuck.  So cute!   (and funny thing, we stopped at Mac to get some slurpees, and unfortunately she couldn't "suck" the straw!! poor thing)  Anyway, Cory did noticed something..and CA is little embarrassed with the chubby cheeks.   She was bit sensitive about it..little teary.   She told Cory to go away..Cory doesn't understand what's happening.  So I told him what happened and then I showed him CA's pulled teeth.  He was saying "ewwwww" and took few steps back.  He said "worms!"  (we found bunches this morning..that is another story)  And asked CA to show her mouth..where the gaps are.   Cory was astonished!!  He did a double take and looked at the teeth again.  He then wanted to see her mouth again.  The look on his face is priceless..he asked CA "are you hurt? are you ok?" Then he told CA, "look I hurt too, pointed his surgery ear".  He ran and got some kleenex and wiped CA's eyes.  Gave her a hug, kiss, hug.  awww it was so sweet!!! I wish I had my camera!!!  They both were sitting and hugging each other.  I know they both will look out for each other forever...my heart sighed.  I hate to block out his face..can't wait when adoption is final.


Forgot to mention one thing...

Despite all that craziness..yet more to come!!!  CA has a dental mini surgery tomorrow. PLUS a soccer try outs right after that.  It was supposed to be today but they changed it to tomorrow.  Oh bother..that is why I booked that date first place. 
We ordered the new Nucleus 5 to upgrade Cory's old one on the right side.  So he will have both the same processors.   I'm not gonna tell you how much it is..but very pricy.  wow.  Thank god, the MCF is covering that.  (it was granted BEFORE I signed the adoption papers!!!) smart huh?
You can check it out ..this is better than the one Cory has.  It's waterproof, much more lighter, thinner and he won't need to wear "baby" cable that attached to his clothes.  (hopefully)


One word..."Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

The worst is over..yesterday was kind of brutal.  I think the waiting part is the worst.  I did post some pictures (smile box) but I forgot that I can't show Cory's face yet....:(   We are still waiting to hear from the adoption worker, to let us know when it's granted.  THEN..we can do what we want to do! 
I'm little too tired to tell our story today..but just a quick note to let you know that it went well.  The minute Cory woke up, he was so happy to see me. I tell you that I arrived JUST on time! The surgery was shorter than they told us.   Oy!  He was fighting with the nurse, getting upset as they got to recovery room.  Then I arrived.  He calmed down and went to me.  I held him for a hour..holding him, holding back my tears and taking it all in. 
Emotions are a funny thing..I can't describe it right now.
Cory is at home..things are back to normal.  Almost.


The Day Before Tomorrow...

It's confirmed..it will be tomorrow at 12 ish.  I kept the routines same as always.  Cory went to preschool yesterday and today..I'm not gonna worry about him getting sick.   Just go as normal.   I was fortunately enough to borrow a book from BCF, (There wasn't one in the library..hope they will order another one, it is a good one for family to share this)  Its a Usborne book "Going to the Hospital"..this little boy is getting ear tubes.  IT was a perfect book to show Cory...it has the picture of the little boy with "type of bandage" in his ear.  Not quite the same as MASSIVE bandage he will be getting.   I have been helping and preparing Cory about going to the hospital and having surgery.   We read that book several times..he seems to understand, I think..  Before he went to bed, he said "tomorrow, I'm going to the hospital".   At least, he seems ok with it.  He is excited to get a new CI.  Also, we have been packing his little suitcase, things he would need and things to play with while waiting and recovery time.  
Several parents have gave me some good suggestions what to bring:  shirts (long sleeve with buttons) not overhead types., sippy cup, some snacks, toys, books, drawing paper/pencils, his kitty, pullups, socks, dvd player/movies.    It will be a crazy day tomorrow for sure...I'll be probably driving back and forth few times between appointments with my daughter and Cory.  Sean is gonna stay over night with him..due to communication reasons with BCCH staff and Sean can sleep anywhere!  I would never sleep there..and I probably won't be sleeping well either at home!  I want to be there when he wakes up..so that is my ultimate motive.  
Here's that picture of little boy, Ben waking up after operation . You can see the white bandage covered his left ear.  Little hard to see.
Wish us luck!  Cory will be giving thumbs up..I know he will.   I'll try to take picture of that!


Want to "hear" what it is like for me? ..check this link out.


I found this website..and I showed it to my family.  Lately, I really wanted to show them that they must be clear in with communication.  I think both my daughter and my husband forget to be little more careful with communication.  Probably is because I speak well and "hear" well as a deaf person, they forget that easily. Same with Cory..I know it's easier to speak with him than to sign with him at times.  But he needs that foundation, and can't assume that he understands verbally all the times.  That is what it seems to be ..
so if you try this link..you will see how or what it is like to have a hearing loss.  Mine category is "Moderate"..WITH hearing aids.  That's how I hear.  It is so uncanny.   One perfect example..I listen to the bird..in normal range..I heard NOTHING.  so then you try it in Moderate range..NOTHING!  so I was right on.  Both my daughter and my husband were kinda of dumbfounded..and now they get it!  I tried to explain that certain places, you need to make an extra effort with communication for me.   So I rely on lip reading most of all!!!!! with clear speech.  It's very important to me.
I think my daughter was bit shocked..got little upset how deaf I am.   I told her not to be upset..all I want you to be supportive with where I am..that's all.  
Check it out..its a real eye opener..
I'm curious for Cory with his CI..I will ask him one day .  Check back with me in about 10 years..I'll tell ya then.


GOT A call!!! From BCCH

Talk about uncanny ...I mentioned few days ago that I was feeling disencouraged with this so long delay..and was starting to wonder if this is not meant to be.
Got a call..Sean did actually.  They emailed me and when I didn't respond (because we were in USA for few days of Spring Break), and they finally called Sean.   Sean gave them go ahead..and I was little numb, to be honest.   I have lot of mixed feelings about this..I do KNOW one thing..its the best thing for Cory.  It's for HIS FUTURE, no doubts about it.   Sean promised me one thing...allow some flexibilities for Cory when he wants to wear his CI or not.  But there are certain times that he has to wear it..for his benefits.  I think we probably will be the most laid back family when it comes to having an CI kid.   Cory will always be deaf, he is in fact, IS DEAF without them.  So he always will use sign language, its part of our life anyway.  I like knowing that we are empowering that choice for him and he will choice what he wants to do when he get older.
The date for Surgery is this Wednesday.  Honestly, I am little terrified. I am a little surprised with my emotion, I know as a teacher, it's something that I would say to all parents, "he/she will be fine..it will be a breeze.  etc"   And now the shoe is on the other foot...
The timing couldn't be worse..CA has a dentist appointment that morning (can't postponed it..as it was already postponed twice..) the dentist said she really needs to follow up, its long overdue.  And CA has that piano exam (already paid the fee) and plus soccer tryouts for both Wednesday and Thursday evening.  Oy!  At least, Sean already requested for a day or two off.  Sean is more likely will be taking Cory to the hospital while I'm CA's side kick through the day.  She really wants me to be there for her.   This is one of those day, where I wish I could split myself and be there for both kids.  I know I am HORRIBLE with waiting..and have no patience.  Best thing for me is to be "busy"..but I want to be there so bad to be with Cory through this major surgery. 
I was told that it will take a week for recovery..I look forward spenting every minutes with Cory during that time.  


Opps..moment like this..IT's IMPORTANT to have CI on the minute he wakes up.

Opps..I guess it's one of those days.  We were having such a lazy morning..all of us in Pajamas, and I didn't put on my hearing aids nor have Cory with his CI.   CA already left for piano lesson..
I had to go to get more milk in our other fridge in the garage.  Did I mentioned that Cory likes to play with door locks?   So I found myself locked out in the garage..I tried banging the door few times, thinking Cory is right by the door.  He knew I was out there because I told him.  (Always tell deaf kid where you are going..because they can't hear you specifically where you are like hearing kids.  Even if you're going upstair, or going to bathroom..I know its a strange thing compares to hearing world and deaf world.  Its a must.  I grew up trying to figure out where my parents are..its not funny.  I hate it.   I would be screaming and looking for them like crazy. )   Anyway, I went around to the back to show myself at the windows, hoping Cory would see me..but didn't work.  Then I went to front door..(praying that no one see me in my pajamas!!!)  and start banging the door, ringing..knowing that my dog will go nuts and run to the door. Cory will see that..sure enough she ran back and forth to Cory and to the door..then again and again. Finally Cory saw that..and followed her.  I tried to wave..thinking happy face, happy face.  (I was really mad, furious...) because that is not acceptable to lock doors.  Praying that he can unlock, easy enough to do it?  and he did.  whew..got in.   I just had to count to 10 and ask him..why did you lock the garage door?    Told him that mommy couldn't get in.   He said "where your key?"   I just stared at him blankly...didn't know what to say.   Needless, Sean thought it was funny..
ha ha ha


Mixed feelings...:(

Maybe it's a blessing..maybe there's a reason why this is taking so long.  We haven't heard back yet about Cory's second surgery..whether its approved or not!  Its driving me nuts...we have been waiting since late January.  And the more I wait..the more Im starting to get doubts.  Statics showed that the longer (or the older) you wait..the results aren't too good compares to have BI-CI so far apart from the first one.  Cory has it for one year already..and he is going to be 3..so from what I see (research).  Its better to do it when they are younger.  So technically, it's starting to be a moot point because he'll be 3 by next month and results are not going to be "huge" if he get second one.  
Ideally, Im fine with it. Having just one.   Because he is such a busy boy..it drives me crazy how it fall off all the times from playing and running around.  I can't imagine having two! I would be picking it up every waking minutes.   Another thing is he is doing very well with one.  So why bother..? I want to say leave him alone..let him be a kid.  Rather go all that again, surgery, CI appointments etc etc...
I have been asking my husband this question several times already.."are you sure we should do this?"  I can't seem to ignore this nagging feelings at the back of my head.  Could it be because the waiting is doing this?  They (the CI team) tell us that the sooner the better..but then why isn't anything being done??? The waiting has gone too far that Im starting to have second doubts..


Forgot to mention..the NIGHT before our flight..

Hi..I have several people asking me what happened????? We were already on the way to LA so I promised to explain when we get back.
On Friday (the night before our flight), Cory was on the bathroom counter and somehow lean forward (was he trying to jump off? ) and fell right on his chin, so he was out of it.  Like got knocked out cold..CA didn't know that he was out of it, she tried to pick him up but he was flopping around like a doll.  The minute I saw all the blood, I knew that he must have fell hard.  One word, CA said "he was on the counter"...I knew it was something I had to take action.  I immediately took a hold of his neck and support him as much as I can and lay him down. At the same time, had to use a cloth to stop the bleeding, took a bit to figure out where it came from.   I did a body scan from head to toe, checking to see if any other injuries.  He was like very sleepy and yawning.  I told him to stay awake and try to talk to me.   CA ran and called 911.  It seems the best course to do because I can't drive him to the hospital without letting him go (bleeding and supporting his neck)   I was more scared than anything about his neck because from the primary scene, he fell and landed on his chin, therefore there is a possible neck injury how it can be tilted by from impact.    The neighbours were bit concerned to see the ambulance and fire trucks at our house.   On the way, Cory was awake and was fighting to get those straps off and bawling.  Plus his "colors" came back normal.  Then I had a HUGE relief, knowing that he is acting normal by crying and moving.    The ENT said I did a great job doing all that and giving them the information and doing all the primary and secondary actions.   I couldn't help feeling little foolish if I was premature with calling 911 or not?   He said yes..I did the right thing.  So overall, the bleeding was taken care of with two stitches and Cory was asking for food and drink.  After four hours since the incident, we finally got home and I had to start packing!!!!!  I thank you all the neighbours for their concerns and love.   I know we have a "boy" so I am prepared for more injuries to come..typical!


Disneyland.."The Happiest Place on the Earth"...only for a short time! LOL

We're back!  What a trip.  I am so glad we went..(I wasn't sure it was a good idea to go ..since Cory is tad too young and it's too soon..and etc etc..bunch of excuses.)  I thought..come on lighten up..just go and make the best of it.   Well, it was surreal..I feel that the past week, it was a blur but full of memories.  I don't know where to start.   With a toddler, it was pretty good at the beginning, Cory loves the airplane, taking off and landing. He did well for sitting still for almost three hours...without using special stuff in his backpack.   Not bad!!!!!!!!!   Kids were tired on first day arriving since we had to get up early morning.  So CA took an advantage of our hotel Water park, pirate boat, with dumping big bucket, waterslides etc.  The weather was cold and wet first day and the rest it was great! I hear that this week it will be a lot hotter so I'm thankful for just right weather!  We went Disneyland for four days, and it covered all of it in almost two days.  On the third day, we went to California Park, and then by the fourth day, Cory didn't want to go on any more rides except Train.  And of course, he came down with a nasty cold and didn't sleep too well for few days.  So you guess it, we had a very cranky kid on the last few days.  Poor guy..and I couldn't NOT let him go to the water park.  So we just had let him have fun and deal with his cold somehow...the flight home was the worst! Oy..it was my turn to sit with him..and he was screaming and crying. I knew that he really needs a nap so I wait for the seatbelt light to go off so I scooped him up and held him.  He was screaming and screaming, as I encouraged him to go to sleep while holding him.  And five minutes later, he stopped fighting with me and fell asleep.   My husband did thought I should leave him alone but after ten minutes of crankiness and I knew that he is tired.   I decided to ignore my husband's questioning..and took a chance.  Of course, I held him for a hour and half..my arms were killing me.  LOL.   But then I really had to go (bathroom) so I tried very carefully to put him down on the seat.  He woke up few minutes later.  Oh well.  He was in a better mood but he didn't want to be in the seat anymore.   He took off the seat belts few times, and finally I had to tell the flight attendant to tell him that he needs to keep it on.  And sure enough, it works. Cory finally did kept it on. 

We did had few CI moments..one is that since it's a first experience for him.  Our first ride was the Snow White adventure..and he was a little bit freaked out and I am not sure if its because of the sounds or the ride.  So I tried to imagine what it is like for him.  Maybe it was too much especially at this level where he is starting to experience "sounds" so the next ride was Peter Pan Flight.  I decided to turn off the CI Processor and let him experience one sense at a time.  He didn't want to go on..and he got bit upset. I told him that it is ok.  and we are right beside you.   And it went well.   And later, we would go back to that ride again with CI on..and it went much much better.  So overrall, luckily I do remember all those rides so if its something I can imagine a 3 yrs old can feels..turn off one sense (the CI) so its not "overload" his feelings.  For the rest of the day, it went well.  I dare not to go to Haunted Mansion for Cory.  But we did tried Pirate of the Cariberran..that might be bit too much for Cory.  At the end of the ride, we got off the boat, Cory was like panting very hard and was showing a big relief on his face.   It was so funny.   I am little surprised that he is bit scared or seems to understand the real fear of pirates.  I didn't think he would fully understand what pirate really is.   The next day, we wanted to go again..Cory didn't want to.  He has amazing recall of things, and he said "No pirates!!!!" and Sean thought nahhhhh he doesn't understand so we all went ahead and stand in line.  Cory sure enough did start bawling and pointing to the door.  So they didn't go..CA and I went again.   Each day, he does a huge full blow of language of overall experiences that he did daily.  Non stop talkings and using imaginations etc.  I regret one thing..not showing him enough Disney movies so he would take a personal note with some of the characters. 


time to play "smart"...

I mentioned before how Cory does say no all the times?   It has been tiring and getting little too much.   So I have been working on "yes"..shaking head, signing "yes" and positive responses etc.  And my responses (instead of "no") I would be using different words.
And now..he is really showing his strong-willed "choices"..and I have to choose my battles and say ok. fine leave it.  
Few times, when I asked if he wants some juice, he would say of course, "nooooo!" then I say ok. whatever.  And walk away.    He then would be like getting upset for not getting the juice..with expressions (so priceless) like oh oh, I made a mistake!  juice, juice please!!!!   I know it's tough love to do this..but Cory has to be more considerations with his answers.   I would try it again later about 30 minutes, or he would come up and say "sorry, can I have some juice please?"  
This morning, before walking to CA's school, I asked him three times to put his jacket on.  He wouldn't budge, so I said to him.  "It's cold outside, you need to put your jacket on".  Naturally, he said loudly "NOOOOOOOOOO!"  So time was pressing, we have to go or CA will be late for school.  I just said fine ok..not worth fighting.  Let's go.   And I put him in the stroller..and we just left without a jacket.   And he didn't get upset...that is good.   You know how sometimes, you wonder if your child really do understand?    The air was bit nippy cold, frost on our breath.  Yup, it's a jacket weather.  But Cory was all happy not wearing one.  (IT DOES bugs me!!)  but oh well..
we were walking half way, we ran some of CA's friends and moms on the way.  They were kinda of questioning with Cory's no jacket.  I explained to them.  And they said to him.."brrrrrrrr!!"  Cory was all smile..and said "brrrrr!" back.    I told him..you didn't want to wear your jacket.  He said " no jacket".  dang it..it backfired!!! I honestly thought he would be cold enough to admit to wear one!    whatever. 
Another thing, later on, I found some playdough.  I asked Cory if he wants it.  I saw that he was about to say no..but quickly said "yes, please!" with a smile.   So now I know he knows when to say yes or no.  
We went out for a quick errand, came back in time for lunch.  I told him that it's time for lunch and please go to bathroom.   Again.."noooooo!"   I said "ok..I guess you don't want some lunch then?"   He replied that he does and took off to bathroom.  hehehe.   Knowing that he hasn't gone potty since wake up time, I tried to encourage him to go first..again "nooooooo!"  Ok.  I told him, warning.."IF you have to go during lunch time..and you can't come back and finish your lunch!"   "Noooooo!"   (this is really starting to be tiring..)  He chose not to go. 
Little more than half way at lunch, suddenly, he told me he has to go potty!!  I told him.."that's why you go potty BEFORE you eat.  and now if you got to go..then lunch is over."   I do feel badly with this..but it made a difference later on..before meal times.  He knows now.   We are sort of trying to nip in bud with his "Nooo"..and make him think twice about it more.    And what's more..he would wait to last minute..and the results is disaster...I end up cleaning up the bathroom and him.  grrrr.  Most of the time, its good.  But when mommy knows that he hasn't gone for awhile..and its time to go.   I really try hard to respect his choices..but sometimes accidents do need to happen for him to learn.    Oh yea, he got very upset with not able to finish his lunch..but at dinner time, he knows now.  He went to the bathroom, without a fuss.  :)


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

I am using bit of calendar system with Cory..but I forget to follow up each time, because right now, we are soo busy.  We are leaving this Saturday for Disneyland!!!!!!!!  AND my brain is screaming to get things packed, pick up certain items we need, making sure we get proper letters from the MCF in ensure that Cory will be travelling with us (Permission letter), passport etc.   Plus got a call from BCCH about second CI, trying to book a date..apparently we have a bit of setback because Cory didn't get all his vaccine, we are missing one!!!! ughhhh!!!  I made it very clear at the time of his second dose of vaccine in August about that.  But apparently they only gave him one type instead combine two that they originally supposed to.  I am not sure why they didn't.  UGhhhhhhh.  So right now, I am trying to figure out whether to get it done NOW before we go or wait until we come back.  I am awaiting to hear back from BCCH about that advice because we don't know what are the complications would it be and if there is one..I don't want that to ruin his holiday and end up in hospital in LA.    I am very disappointed with this setback..but oh well.   
Cory has been asking for school daily, so I am using "Monday, you go to school, so today is not Monday.  Today is Friday, showing the calendar, No school  with big X each day..three sleeps then school.  Keep it simple but repeat repeat..I figured it will take a while for him to figure out how calendar works daily.   On Sunday, he asked "school?" I said no..today its Sunday, we go to church.  Tomorrow, is Monday, we go to school."   Monday morning, he asked me "today's Monday?"  I said "yes.."  Then he said "school today!!"  I'm like yes yes yes!!!!!   So now we talked about Tuesday, Wednesday is school days.   As for Disneyland,  we showed pictures on the internet and our old photos of Disneyland.  Sign for "D" and Mickey mouse ears on top of head...  Cory said "biggggggg park.."    we will go on Saturday..showed him the calendar again..how many sleep? etc.   Today,  He told the receptionist today before we were leaving preschool.  I told Cory, "Tell her where are we going on holidays (airplane)?"  He told her "Disneyland, big park ..on Saturday!!"  He said "Saturday!!"   IMPRESSIVE..
There is this book, one of my favorite.."Cookie Week..its about the Cat and days of the week."  That is one book you can introduce the concepts of days.  
Anyway, I better go pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Have a great Spring Break!  Won't hear from us in a while.   Hugs to all.   Will we survive the "toddler" experiences during our holidays?  we'll see, I know it will be interesting.  But that is why I craved "spice in my life"..and love it!