good to know..

This is good to know.  I would think..?
 Last week, Cory banged his head against the table, it wasn't a hard hit or anything that would have made me jumped to see if he is ok.  Him being such a typical boy, he has some those moments, like running into walls, or falling down etc. Normally, he is fine.    But he was really upset and I told him..oh come on..its ok.   Knowing that he didn't HIT his head that hard.  But he was in tears and rubbing his head where the CI magnet is..and also his CI fell off as well.  So I just rubbed him and gave him his kiss and off he goes..but he was still crying and stamping his feet.  I realized that maybe it does really hurt where the magnet is.   I checked to see if anything..no blood, no bruise or anything.  But it is right on that spot.  Cory said that it really hurts! And I even tried to put his CI back on..he pushed me away.   I don't know if anyone experience that..I can imagine it might be very painful if its right on that spot.  He didn't want to wear the CI for the rest of the day..I did got worried.  I don't see anything transparent that considering any injury shown.  I wonder if anyone with CI experiences that?

awww..first school picture!!!

I'm looking at this..it's like my boy has grow up bit.  I look back thinking for the last year and half . Cory did accomplished so much and more than we would have thought!  Yes..he does drives me crazy at times..but now I think about that...it is not too bad. really?  I just have to keep reminding that myself. this is going to be my new motto.  "its a boy thing.."   If you hear me complaining or something.  Just say "its a boy thing." (ha ha)


I think I'm up to here with changes..

I am grasping to settle down with routines..seems like one thing to another with both kids, even myself too.  Cory started new school this week, again, it means paper works, telling teachers about him, getting him into a new routine, and getting him to follow through.   I noticed today, he has a bit of tempers at school. I was bit taken back by that.  He seems to be happy to go new school, he talked about it for two weeks and was very excited. He jumped right into it when we came to visit and on Monday.  He seems a natural to get into it.  But today, it was a different story. I am not sure..I know that he hasn't been "napping" as he should these days. It is hard to forgo naps ..it's not the time to do this.   I just know.   Today, he fell asleep on the way home, five minutes after we left school. OUT COLD!  that is why I didn't want to drop his naps yet. I knew he would be tired especially that he is starting new preschool this week. SO now he goes four times a week..
Today it was surreal for me..walking into my old school (no, it was not the same building) but the "memories", teachers, and the facility itself is a trip to memory lane.  I have to admit, it was kinda of strange.   I was a little nervous.  ha ha.   Will I be whisked away to the principal office once again?  I know I was quite mischievous little kid. They had stories to tell..
Anyway, Cory was quite clingy today.  Which I was really surprised to see that, he is not usually like that.   I am trying to make sense of his emotions.  I think maybe walking into the school, they suddenly go straight to music class and Cory did asked twice to go to classroom to play.  But we had to follow what is school's agenda..he wasn't too happy.  Everyone were singing and dancing.  I think Cory was overwhelmed..so was I. :P   I guess it is something that we both have to get used to.  Music is VERY important for kids with hearing loss. It gives sense of auditory inputs, it gives repetitions and it helps for their brain to grow with words, and language process.  I know that Cory doesn't really like music for some reasons. I never force him or try to push him. I think in time, he will.   Remember he only had a year into CI process so really this is all new to him still.
Cory asked me to stay with him during classroom time..which it is very odd.  But then I remember when we went to his hearing preschool, same thing for few days.   So they don't seem to mind having me there anyway.  I was able to show what Cory can do and helps with some of the things that can help them to help him etc. 
I left for a hour..and came back.  Saw that he was into his mischievous self by testing bit..not listening to teacher, when she asked him to clean up etc. and so on.  I didn't know whether I should step in classroom or not.  (watched from the observation room) but eventually I had to step in when Cory threw the plate mat and was putting three grapes into his mouth all at once.  I know he was really testing the water there.  But when I came in..his face turns red!!!  He knew that I knew that he wasn't been cooperating.   So immediately, he shaped up right away.  LOL    little bugger!  I was able to share some of the ideas how to work with him when he is acting like this...
but it kinda of went downhill from there.  They were doing a good bye time at circle time. A girl is a helper for photo put aways and saying good bye.  Cory wants to do it. But it wasn't his turn..he just literally flipped and took off his both CIs and threw them!  I was bit shocked. I never see him do that with his CIs before!!!  I know that he learned it from other kid. But didn't think it would be him doing that!  Boy I was pretty mad. And I gave him a time out.   He was screaming and crying.  oyyy what a great first day with me!  So finally when he is calm and ready. I gave him his CIs back and then we discussed about his behaviour so on etc.  I explained to him that it was NOT his turn to be a helper..teacher told you about that. You need to accepted it.   She has to know about this..so I said if that happened again, just put him in time out.  Cory can be very demanding if its not his way or when he wants something..
So we were about to go...it was time to go.  Cory got bit of fits..he wants to go outside. But they are not going outside today.  So I knew that it is gonna be tough from there on because its one thing then another and another.  The teacher told him that it's not today.  Cory then started to whined and jumping and so I had to keep moving and get ready to go.   I had to drag him out while he is whining and crying and then pick him up to the truck.    After 5 minutes driving, he was out cold!  whew..nice and quiet drive home! 
I know its a new routine once again. I just have to ride this out and hopefully he will settled soon once he start going to new center. 


Wow...some new changes.

Keep telling myself..this is the best for Cory over and over these days.  Guilt I guess, ..or loyal , yes. 

Cory has done amazing well at his current preschool. His needs are now changing...it seems that he is ready to move down a new path.  It was not made easily or lightly. We went to visit this program in Vancouver and checked it out.  Cory seems to fit right in..and was enjoying himself.  It was nice to see him connecting with kids there.  He was astonished to see that some of the kids have CIs! "Just like me, he said!!" I knew I had to make a big sacrifice for him once again. After all; we have to decided what is best for him and I know in the long run, it will be worth it.

Some times; some things aren't meant to be. So we had to make some changes at this point. Maybe with our experiences, insights and knowledge how we raised Cory to be, we can share this with others. 

In 2 weeks, Cory will start in a new program, twice a week for "group" therapy in this new preschool PLUS twice a week in hearing preschool.  I am sad in a way. This is really hard for me; I feel I'm betraying his current preschool. It is a wonderful preschool. But unfortunately we have to make a choice what's the best for Cory; it was a good match for Cory in the beginning but he has reached crossroads where it's not enough for him anymore. He has gained so much from his current preschool which will make him successful in his evdearvors
I thank them from bottom of my heart. Life is all about changes; it's time for him to go down a new path and it's the right path for him at this time of his life.

God Bless.


Life goes on..

I know I haven't written much these days..one thing we were so busy but another thing..nothing is really happening much.   The past week, we all have been taking turn being sick with head cold..
CA's soccer is almost finished..one more game to go..and tournment during Spring Break then TRY OUTS..this is kind of nerve wrecking because every year she has to go try outs to remain on the team if she makes it!   I m not sure IF I like this.  LOL.  

Cory..he is using his speech pretty good these days..but he talks like "deaf" kid.  Its like talking in ASL not sentences like hearing kid.  Interesting huh?   He just did testing at the BCCH and did very well.  He can hear up to 20 DB!!! with his CI's.    So we KNOW that he can  hear and understand most of the times.   So the next step is trying to find more extensive therapy for him to push along (and catch up) with his speech-language aspect.  
He loves his new preschool, but some things, we have to work with him to make sure he is not "getting" away with his behaviours.   I am happy that he got an one to one support worker but at the same time, I don't want him to depend on her.  The whole idea is still a shaking ground for me..so it's too early to tell if its worth it or not.   It is hard to meet with her to go over the things that we are trying to work with him.  One thing that I do not want Cory to get away with things THERE when we know that he is capable of doing certain things.   Its like one step forward and two step back because I'm not sure if they fully understand that Cory is a normal kid and stick with routines and don't treat him ANY different!   You know how some people can be clueless with kids that have hearing loss/or special needs, and may have let them do what they want to do to make things easier but it's actually harmful in long run for us.  
I had to laugh..one good situation.  They had a firedrill practice last week, and of course, Cory doesn't know what it is (its a new experience for him)..and it was during free play.  Cory refused to go and line up and get out of the building with them.  He wants to play..(its a routine interrupted) and they had to reason with him etc..then once they got outside.  Cory didn't pay attention, and didn't follow thru.  He was pointing airplane, he was distracted period.    One thing, I know that Cory is capable of..he CAN follow thru by listening and paying attention if YOU tell him to.   But Cory is stubborn that way..
I said..PICK him up  and Get out..just do it. don't let him argue with you.  They said well..its just that he didn't want to etc.  Then I told her..supposedly this is REAL fire drill.  are you gonna stay there and argue with him??    You have to really teach him that way to get him to understand the seriously of the situation!  and what would you do if this is hearing kid?  You pull him out too with explanations.  same thing.  So I guess my point is that treat him the same as others.  No special favours.
Another good example is that if snack time is finished..don't let him stay on when others are cleaning up and go on to next routine.  That is not fair to other kids..and that is what I don't want him to learn by taking the "easy way " out by his demands. 
He knows its circle/story time next..so he doesn't want to go there. He wants to finish his snack.  I can't help that he is like a cow eating so s l o w.    We use a timer at home for meal times..it really helps him because he knows that its time to eat and start eating. I wouldn't do that if its a different issue like he is eating slow for different reasons.  We already saw that HE can eat and finish at the same time with us.   Once accomplished that..then we know he can do it. 
My fav thing now..if he is grumpy or cranky.  I tell him to stay in his room.  He can come out when he is "happy" so that works for all of us.  If he get cranky again.  I just tell him to go to his room, sometimes I may have to "help" him to go to his room.    He has the rights to be cranky..just don't do around us.  :)))
and it goes for all of us.  I did got sent to my room one time..for being cranky!!   Fair is fair!  

Spring Break is coming..Carrie-Anne has two weeks off.  ugh..we were thinking of going to visit my brother's in Victoria, go down to Birch Bay (brrrrr) just for few days and I do have to work at least for one week . Plus CA has a soccer tournment as well.   It would be nice to go away but it's not happening for us this year. 

We have been visiting Baba at the hospital from time to time. She has been there since Nov. Now she has been moved to Nursing Home last week and seems to be content there.  I went to check it out and she was playing Bingo at the time.  I tried to talk to her few times ..she hushed me several times! LOL.. Got to love her!   At least, I get to play with footies and I swear she was gonna hit me with one of the Bingo card.  At least, she still has her sense of humor..that what keeps me going these days, I try not to worry about her.  Kids bought few things for her, to keep her amused, a spike ball that lights up, we would play catch and toss.  A box of puzzle, CA and Baba would try to do it together.  Sometime, I would sneak in a bit of chocolate, I can see her eyes light up so it is worth it. 
Love you Baba!!