Today we had to go for more mappings..up to this point. I am getting tired of it.  We were stuck in the traffic all way from 56th before Alex Bridge. UGH..I did at point, thought about turning around and go home.  But I thought about how others who had to go in a great length of distance to come to BCCH for their CI kids as well..like Kelwona, Prince George etc.  I'm lucky enough to be that close enough.  I have one dream..is that to have a Cochlear Services in Surrey!!! It would be so much easier for all these families who lives on the "South" side..I wonder if we could gather up all these parents and fight for one???

Anyway, today I had to share with audiologist, B about how I noticed lately, in the past week.  (last mapping appointment was in April 29th..so about a month ago)  Cory has been wearing it at most times (the 2nd one) and still favor the first one at all times.   We are not pushy with whether he choose to wear it or not.  Most of the times, he takes it off when playing outside.  Occasionally, he does take it off or doesn't want back on (after nap) by late afternoon.   Anyway, I noticed that he has been forgetting to put the coil magnet back on when it falls off with second one.  Over the weekend, he left it at the deck and didn't bother to give it to me or make a notice of it.   Boy, I had to give him heck for that.  But he was astonished..it's almost like he didn't know!  Same thing, happened again yesterday, when we were in pharmacy, awaiting to pick up our prescription.  We were just strolling around and then came back around.  His CI was right there in front of me, laying on the floor!  I couldn't believe it!  Thank god..

It came to a conclusion that Cory was so used  to wearing the 2nd one that it is not really "noticable" for him compares to the first one.  (with loudness, sounds)  Thus, with the first one, if coil magnet falls off, he noticed it right away and put it back on himself. 

Today, we had it adjusted and he was hearing the different sounds and even the Ling sounds.  When B, she told him, now that it's time to turn it on.  And Cory made a priceless face, it was more of "whattttt is that??????"  yuck!!!   He said it's different.   At least, this time he wasn't disappointed like he was last time. :)    He asked for ABC board again, and sound it out with alphabet.  I noticed how he really tried to experiment the sounds with 2nd one.  It was interesting to see, for a kid at this age, really grasps at this.  Amazing.  He even made some faces how he tried to mimic sounds with his own voice.  It's like "that is not my voice?"    So it is true..at this stage.  Wearing his 1st and 2nd is not at the same level yet.  

Mimic sounds..drives me crazy!!

Lately, I have noticed sounds that are happening surrounding me..and thinking it's real!  For instance, I was driving along and I heard car beeping sounds which I am quite familiar with it.  I checked my dashboard to see what it was..nothing.  I heard it again..I looked again..low gas? signal left on? etc.  Nothing.  I'm thinking ..that is odd.  Then I heard it again!  I feel like I'm going crazy..what is it??? Should I pull it over in case?  So I did and then I heard it again.  I realized something..I turn to look at Cory..and he was making those sounds! Perfectly clear!!  omg...I almost NOT believe it..it sounds exactly!  (yes..I do tend to leave signal lights on often..or if I don't wear seatbelts (from home to CA's school) when I do a quick trip.  He can mimic those sounds! I kid you not.   I realized that today at the BCCH..finally I was right!   During mappings, Cory was asked to listen to the various of sounds..from low to high pitch.  And he mimic most of them.  His audiologist was astonished!! it was so neat.  It is something I never could do ..
Cory, cut it out!  NOT in the car!  LOL..I will never know whether it was him or the car these days!


Little too extreme???

Lol..I had to laugh when I type this.."little too extreme?"..It can happen..it's almost the same saying if "I told you go jump off the bridge..you go do it?"
Yesterday, after supper we wanted to go outside.  Both CA and I were done with dinner, we wanted to grab that more opportunity to play outside.  Cory didn't finish his milk yet..so I was telling him..hurry drink your milk..drink it all etc.  Then I said and gestured "drink your milk, clug it down" like put your cup to mouth and tilt your head to "clug" it down quickly.  It was ONLY a figure of speech...guess what happened?   Yup, you guess it!  Cory actually did that, the glass was 3/4 of milk and he went straight up.  The milk came out all over his face, his eyes, nose and mouth were covered with milk.  It was hilarious!  He got drenched!  Opps!  I have to be careful with what I said and my action.   I almost wanted to say duh!...hello???  
It is amazing how much he really does watch in extreme in terms of languages/actions.  I love it!


BC Family Hearing Resource : WALK a Thon..this Sunday


You will find more information about our Walk A Thon..it`s this Sunday at Campbell Valley Park.  Beautiful park, with trails.   Our whole family is planning to be there..so let`s hope the weather will be nice!  
I spoke to few parents and many of them don`t realized how important this Walk a Thon is..this will give us funds for the group and speech therapys for our children who have hearing loss.

come and walk with us..bring your pledges! 
I will be collecting pledges as well..so feel free to contact me if you wish to pledge or donate. 
You can reach me at kj_jackson@shaw.ca 

It`s harder than I thought..

I dread doing this..but it forces me to try door to door asking for pledges/donations to collect for WALK-A-THON this Sunday for Cory and all his friends at BCFamily Hearing Resource Society.  I think everyone is a little dry these days..thanks to the economy, government, cutbacks, HST to come, and so on.   I have met a few that tells me that they are not working, or they already did the `walk a thon`too or just had donated to other society that are desperately need some money too.   I wanted to fight back and say..hey this is important..but ..everything else is important too!!   I think we (the world) are seriously in trouble with `cash flow` economy..seems endless cycle...pay taxes, need more money, spend money..not enough, taxes more, cutbacks..doesn`t make sense doesn`t it?
It came to a realization that I, myself as a parent, just have to work harder and step up on my role not just a parent but an advocate to try to increase more awareness with the needs of children with hearing loss.   Just like any other society..maybe we are taking things for granted..and expect the government or organizations to do our `works`that we expect them to do for our children ?? 

I got one goal in mind..maybe it`s not the $1500.00 that I originally set myself for, but now it is for myself.  To increase the awareness and be a stronger advocate, and try to help out the needs for those children who need speech/language/communication and group therapys so when they get older, they will have that opportunity to be part of this world, not to be isolated.  Once I completed the 3km, I will set that goal...
I say ``Bring it on!!!!!``


This is so sad.....

JUST IN...I found the video..plus more.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W1qOQXeHrc  this will show Emma`s protests.

I don't know if you have heard about this news..this little girl is forced to wear both her CI's because the court ordered her to.   http://deafness.about.com/b/2010/04/22/cochlear-implant-cruelty
Unfortunately, the video has been pulled out due to court orders.  So this is something I will be watching very carefully.   This video showed that the little girl is resisting on wearing her CI.  She was fine with first one..but when she got the second one, she complained about it was bothering her and didn't want to wear it.  So apparently, court ordered her to wear them.  I am a little shocked to see how far that went.  Isn't there human rights?  That is really too bad.  I would have been fine if she only want to wear one!   She was doing very well with just one.   (you will see that in next video..)  Talk about going too far!

This video is showing that Grandma and little girl having conversation why she doesn't want to wear it etc..

I really hope that the court would eventually interview the girl, Emma.  The big question is how old is old enough to know?  That is the problem..we as a parent have to make several decisions regards to our children's well being and want the best for them.   An good example:  If my daughter doesn't want to go to school anymore..do I let it?  I guess that is "the pararel line" there whether we chose to decide or not.  It is tough. 
I want Cory to be a successful deaf person, to graduate from school, go to university or college, have a good job, is able to oversee the world without "limitations",  and have a good life.  That is what all parents want..no doubt about it.  I use the word "limitations", it only to have as far as he can.   That's why we provide all the choices for him, so he can have that freedom of choices when he has the best of both worlds (deaf/hearing).
The other day, I found out that there is a decline of deaf children in the deaf community..why????  just because they have Cochlear Implants?  So what? They are still deaf without it..and I want to see my son grow up with different inclusive friends, deaf, hard of hearing, CI, oral deaf, etc.  I don't care how much hearing they have,  I don't care how they communicate.  I would like to see my son having this group of friends while growing up.  This is a NEW generation..let's unity! They always will need each other..this is their world.   The other day, I was thinking..of who will he grow up together..will he see his classmates time to time even after preschool?


Happy Mother's Day..

I'm teary as I write this...to this realization that I have 2 beautiful children. To this day, I am blessed as this is first Mother's day with Cory.  What a wonderful gift, that's all I would wanted.  We had a nice day..both kids in bed , having breakfast. It was my favorite! Egg Bennys!!   Cory, well, he try his best to understand that today is Mother's Day.  He said "Mother..happy" in sign language and gave me a wonderful hugs and kisses.  
Last Wednesday, we had a Mother's Day tea party at preschool.  It was bittersweet..my dad was howling with laughter at this story.   Ok..I guess it was funny.  At the time..I was kinda of not impressed.  But I know when I look back at this..I will laugh.

The kids made cookies the day before..and even Cory accepted that it was for "tomorrow".  That morning of Mother's Day tea party, he said to me as soon as he woke up.."cookies today at school, surprise!"  LOL  but he did had a hard time waiting through the day, upon arriving, he asked for it.  They kept saying later.."shhh" then when it's snack time. He asked for it again..he bawled his eyes once he learned that he wasn't gonna get it yet.   Then he saw a boy in class with his mom taking one, as they had to go.  He got upset that he didn't get one yet...      Then after silent reading, it was snack time, he got upset again because he wasn't having at snack time.   Teachers showed him the schedule when they will get it..first snacks, then outside time, then circle then party etc.  He did accepted it..
However, when we came in, he said "cookies!!"  I'm like whacking my head..here we go again!   It wasn't fun..
Now it was time....all moms are asked to leave to go other room where the tables and such were set up.  We patiently, waiting for our little ones to come in.  They all came in with a tray of cookies (2 each) ..and there is Cory..and only one cookie.  With a big grin, he came to my table with crumbles all over his mouth.  (evidence of one cookie ate)  And he sat down and was about to eat another..I had to take it from him!  excuse meeeeee!!  I think not..that one is supposedly to be mine.  He started to get upset...until teacher told him that he has one and one for mommy.   He was fine with it for awhile.   Until then he saw that I didn't eat "all" of my cookie..tried to take that again.  Little bugger! 
Time to teach him the valve of "sharing"...I guess.   :)


IT"S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT's done!  It's OFFICIAL!  The Adoption Order came through!  Cory now is CORY JAKE JACKSON!!!   I'm teary as I write this...finally, this came through.   We are so excited ...after long waiting for almost 10 months!!     The delay is getting a birth certificate because he is not from this province..so we hope to get some paper works from their government and get the balls rolling to start to apply for birth certificate under OUR names.  Then Passport, then Nexus!!!  
One more week..should be able to get them then.  
Well..It's our boy now.  Cory, you are home now. 


Yup..I said it before..and for sure it's true.

It's true.. I keep thinking Cory is an alien from outer space.  (Not that I'm a believer of UFO and jumbo mumbo stuff)   He is so corny and strange..doing strange things.  Making faces, lots of facial expressions, body language, playing weird things, pretending strange thing...things that he comes up and I would be sitting there going..is this normal?   Is it a boy thing?

I had to ask my girlfriend, other day..when she was here.  I asked her if this is normal.  She said yup.  This?  Yup..what about this?  yup, yup, yup..all normal..and it's a boy thing.
I am so used to having a girl..my daughter.  She doesn't do those strange things.
She pointed out that when she has her boys..(she has three..) I was bit taken back by their "wildness" and behaviours.  (Not that they were bad or horrible..) but rather it was little different and ideas etc.   I would try NOT to comment too much about her boys at the time.  She would reminded me how I did...:(    Now I wish I took that back.  I had no idea that's the way boys are.  LOL.

Still strange...

those "assessments"...speech/language

I don't know if there is a time when it's impossible to keep up??? You may feel the same as me... I do want to hear from all of you if that what you feel???
Part of working with Cory's speech/language development, you have to keep tracks of words that he signs (first part) but now then you have to keep track of words that he says..at first it's easy to notice what he has been saying something new.  But up to this point..forget it..I can't be running off all the times to write it down ..its impossible!  Too many to count up to per day!!   It's a hopeless task..I don't know if it is just me being too lazy or too busy.  Seriously..if it's up to me..I would be going back and forth every five minutes to write down what he say.   Is there a point of not doing it anymore???  Do I have to keep doing it????  I am wondering how far do we go from there?    I feel it's so silly to do this..but I know it's important.  I rarely have time for that.   Maybe that is something I need to talk to Cory's speech therapist..time for that checklist type so I can do it manually than write down all the words???