WALK a THON!!! 17 days to go!!! Help us to reach our goal and more!

We are doing the Walk a Thon again this year!  Actually, just got a word that we will be away on a cruise with Sean's company as part of "conference"..it was kinda of last minute and of course, we jumped for that opportunity!!
My mom will take in my place and of course, Carrie-Anne and Cory will go as well.  I think it's great that their grandparents will join this walk a thon for a good cause.  BC Family has given us a great support for Cory's needs and this is how we want to say our thanks. 
Did you know that there is a long wait list for children who needs speech therapy as well,  the more money we raised the for that cause, the shortened the wait list will be?   It is ESSENTIAL for these children to receive services for their communication/ language wise.   Imagine not being able to use your speech/voice for first two years of their life..and the impact of delayed development therefore will develop ? 
Come and support the Team Jacksons!!!  If you want to pledge on line..it s the best way to get there directly or you can contact me to make pledge..


Happy walking!!! thanks to all those who donated!!  God Bless!

Easter Bunny..and all that!!

We did Easter Eggs dyeing and colored them..but Cory never really had hard boiled eggs before.   He was kind of astonished when I peeled the eggs for snack.  He said "where is the baby chick?"  gulp.. CA beat me to it.."its dead".   CA!!!!!  Cory was really sad about it..I thought oh boy...I tried to explain as much as I can.  But I was really at loss for once..(how far can we explain this..?)
I sort of lost my appetite that time..but CA loves boiled eggs and was eating away.   Cory just pulled his apart and there were pieces everywhere..took him painfully 20 minutes to finish what he can.  I didn't want to say anything..like you don't have to eat it..but really its a fact of life thing..the last thing I don't want him to not eat meat..chicken etc..if he starts to get that idea.  That is the path I was trying to avoid.  He needed all the nutrition he can get, especially that he came that far with food.
I did took a picture of his hard boiled egg (what's left of it..) but for some reason that photo is not uploading..
He has been busy with some Easter events going on...first at his Vancouver school, they had an Easter party, with Easter bunny photo op, eggs hunt, crafts, potluck, and crafts. 

How cute is that??!!   I know that he really needs a hair cut..but CA wants to leave it as it is..she said its Justin Bieber look!!  (rolling eyes here...)
We had family (early Easter dinner plus Baba's birthday)..we all went to see her and had cake, then came back for dinner.  Cory had fun looking for candies that my parents hid it around their place.   CA loves her new rain boots (its Easter colored...) lol.     We went down to Birch Bay during Easter break, it was nice to get away for 5 days..we had to make do with Easter thing for the kids.  Lucky, that CA is old enough to know about you know who..and was able to pretend to sleep.  I told her to keep an eye on Pepper so she doesn't touch the candies spread out in the trailer.  LOL.  

During speech therapy..Carolyn has this egg that called out so Cory can come and looking.  He has fun with it.   I finally bought one and I tried it..but it didn't work.  I couldn't figure out why..(I can't hear it!!! seriously!!)  so I had no idea that it was "off"..lol. duh me! I keep telling Cory to listen ..listen..listen!!!
Happy Easter...(sorry this post was late..I forgot to sent it out before)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s6TpFiMYEc&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL   this is a video of Cory looking and following the sounds of baby cow inside Easter Egg..I can't even hear it myself!!


Ready, Set and Learn!

We went to Carrie-Anne's school today for this special event.."Ready, Set and Learn" program for preschoolers who may be going to AJ McLellan school in two or three years from now.   I think Cory is overexcited about it..he keeps saying when "I'm 5 I will go to CA's school!" so cute!!!  it is nice to be able to explain that to him..mainly in sign language so he can understand the concepts more.  (thank god for that!)  I did tried to explain to him in spoke language for new experiences or things like that.  I can see that he doesn't get it in sense so he would just say "yeah".."yeah" .."yeah".  so I find that if i explain to him about things like that in sign language, he will respond differently!!  he would acknowledge it or fully understand , and repeats it to other people what I told him.   Interesting..
We get to meet two Kindergarten teachers, and the "Boss" / principal ...I had to giggle over that because..I actually said that to Cory..not formally in front of them.  But when he (the principal) was doing the announcement and welcoming "speech" about the school..I told Cory who he is and how to explain the importance of the person and he knows what the boss means...so what's a better way to explain that..in sign language.  Signs of "higher level", "official person" therefore "boss"..he gets it. And he gets it that the principal is of importance.   But a little backfired though..durnig the activity time, Mr. Atwal was making rounds and formally introduce to himself to us.  Cory said "the boss!!!" aloud...I had to chuckled and explained to him how we were explaining to him about the importance of your role like the "boss of school" in sense. 
I know a dream is in a distant right now..and I have hope that Cory will be able to attend CA's school in 2012.   It would be interesting..Carrie-Anne would be in grade 7 and Cory in K by then.  Will she be willing to take him to school and back?   She said she would..but sorry kiddo, you say that now..but wait, a lot can change in a year and half, you may feel different then.
Anyway, it was nice to go, Cory tried different activities provided by the grade 5ers, games, crafts, and blocks for the kids to play. The kids get a small tour of the school, to see where the classrooms are, gym, library etc.  It gives them a sense AND an opportunity to feel and check out the school when they "potentially" would go.   Each kid get to take a bag home of "goodies", I'm impressed.  A book by Eric Carle, playdough, magnify glass, squeezing ball, bubbles, scissors and a game with dice.    Every parents should check out the local school area near their home to see if they have "Ready, Set and Learn" event that the preschoolers can check it out.   I suggested you to try it..or call the school and ask them about it. 


Cory's birthday..coming up!

I already told him that his birthday is coming..and that he will be four years old.  He is so excited..he keeps saying "party..party" and wanted to invites friends.  We may not be doing that this year..we are too busy and I can't seem to find a right time to do that.  Maybe in June..so its better late than never.  We are having one with families and one with his foster mom and daughter who will be coming at the end of month.   Every morning, ever since I told him about his birthday, he wakes up with "my birthday today???"..nooooooo..not until two weeks.  Maybe I shouldn't have told him so early..but I wanted him to understand it's coming soon. So I whipped out the calendar and showed it to him.  We will have a family party on this Sunday for his birthday, my Baba and early Easter dinner, since my brother and wife are coming to town.  (This is a perfect opportunity to be able to go down to Birch Bay over five days Easter weekend...) I 'll have to figure out how to get the "Bunny" down there..since we all sleep in the trailer.  It will be tough to ..you know?  At least, thank god..I never thought I would say that..Cory is deaf so he won't hear me trampling around.  CA probably will wake up..but she already knows how special this is..wink.  We talked about making a cake for Sunday and CA asked if we can do hard boiled eggs.  We will have to do that this weekend..so will tell more later and pictures!  Look forward to it!


Reading with Grandma..he loves it!

If my parents come over..Cory's favorite time of the visiting is reading books with his grandparents.  It is important to include all extended family to be part of Cory's life..sleepovers, outings, bedtime stories..and Sean and I would try to go out more often so they can have that special time with them.


I will NEVER forget this night as long as I live...

My ears are still ringing...from the bloodly hurling scream from Cory right into my ears.  Next time, I will try to remember to turn it off..but I am POSITIVE this incident will NEVER happen again.  Cory learned his lesson..(I hope!)
I was just cleaning up the dinner table until I hear Cory's screaming and banging around in bathtub.  I just literally flew upstair to see what's the matter.   Saw that the bath water was almost white and lots of soap bits everywhere.  Apparently Cory got into mischief and played with soap (the whole bar of it was almost gone..or what's left of it)..he was trying to get it out of his eyes but gad..he has soap all over his hands and was literally rubbing his eyes, trying to get them off!  Obviously!! He made it worse!! I tried to tell him not to do it..but duh he can't see or hear me.  So I pulled his hands away but he was screaming and screaming.  SO I had to think fast! I grabbed the showerhead and start rinsing it all out.  AND he wouldn't stop screaming..OH MY!!!! I couldn't turn off my aids as my hands were soaking wet and I'm trying to go fast as I can to get it off.  but he kept running away and turning around, it was so slippery and I almost had to wrestled him to cooperative.  It was pretty ugly sight, he was screaming on top of his lungs and turning red and furious.  Oh did I mention that he HATES shower???  I feel bad about it but this is sort of emergency..trying to get all the soap out of his hair, face, eyes, his arms and hands etc. I swear that next door neighbour would hear that..
in mist of all this.... I was sitting on the toilet with my phone in my back pocket and somehow it dialed "911" in USA.  (its a different number) and it was "on" the whole 7 minutes of Cory's actions.   I took it out to get more comfortable after rinsing him out and saw that it was dialed to emergency.  oh dang it!!!   I hung up quickly..but thought about it.  I should really call back and let them know.  So I had Carrie-Anne to call back and find out if the call got through and if it did..CA can explained what happened.   I prayed to god that they hasn't send out the reforcements..
They thanked us for it and all is well...so I thought.  15 minutes later...there was several BANGING on the door..it made all of us jump, the girls screamed.  Im like????  the police officers were on scene and they wanted to know if everything is ok.   I said  did you guys come from USA????  They didn't.  They did got a call from USA emergency and send them to investigated.  oh bother!!  SO needless, Cory was already in bed but they want to see him all that.  When we went to his room, I had the little light on and he was under covers (he likes to sleep over covers) and the officer was poking him to see if he is there.  LOL.. I tell you I was gonna be saractic  ..like "I'm sure he is still alive.."  but thought ..nah..better not.  Its bad enough as it is.  He was already out cold...the officer actually leaned over to him.  (to check if he is breathing???)    I asked if you want me to wake him up..told him that he is very tired and it has been a long day so he is out cold fast.     Anyway..they had to write report about this..and all left.  That is that..enough excitement for the day.

Signing WHILE he do things...

I had to laugh..but Cory tends to forget not to let go of things while signing to me!   Today, he was riding his bike and all the suddenly he saw a school bus.  He signed to me "school bus", letting go of his handle bars on his bike and fell onto the sidewalk! yikes ..it brings the total of ummm 9 things that I can think of happened during his "activity".  (yes he is ok..so far!)
-Letting go of swing try to tell me something..fell backward. (that was hilarous! but not too funny but the way he fell back..)
-Letting go the garden hose to tell me something and sprayed everyone near by..yikes!
-Letting a friend's puppy leash go,  to sign something. Everyone were running everywhere trying to catch the puppy!!
-Letting go his "thing" while going bathroom...I yelled "Cory, grab that "thing"..don't let it go!!!" jeezzzz  a new bathroom rule now..don't talk while..
-Letting go his new kite...going going and gone!
-Letting go a new balloon, he loves it so much and then when he wanted to say something..he forgets!  Ended up bawling his eyes out!!

Endless...and more to come!


People asked me lately.."what's new things that Cory does these days?" huh???

This is more what people are asking me these days..."what's new with Cory?"  I would say that he is doing well at his new preschool, is taking swimming lessons now, and so on.  They said " No..I mean anything interesting happen with him?" ..took me awhile what they really want to know..
Those are new things that Cory have done in the past week..:  with a friend outside, he "colored" the boy from head to toe with his chalk (I didn't realized it until I saw his face plastered with it..ugh!) Cory thought it was funny but needless it wasn't funny because the poor boy has no idea that he did it with chalk until he did his face saved for last. 
Cory got a new Toy Story ball from Manning Park trip, he tried to make it pop and did several attempts by hitting with bat, then a stick, then he tried to "step" on it, then he jumped from picnic table to (I'm not sure if he wanted to sit on it or step on it..hard to tell) but THEN..he climbed up the tree house and looking down.  That's when I finally came out and hollered him to stop!  
sigh..I just bought a new BIG bottle of Shampoo from Costco..the bulk mega type?  Ten minutes in bath, he was COVERED with bubbles and shampoo all over the bath, he used the ENTIRE bottle.  Daddy was pretty furious because this is the third time he has done this.  We are pretty sure he wouldn't do it again..ya right!   It took several rinse of water to get it all out..ugh. I really hate the facts of so much water wasted, thinking of the Third World. 
He usually plays in his room, but not in the basement without me or daddy supervises him because there are so many things in there.   (lots of  specific toys separately, games, puzzles and crafts)  When we are home, we let him play and he is so good in following the rules by playing with toys and when he is done, he just put them away before taking out another set of toys etc.  
One day, I'm not at home, he went nuts down there, took out pretty much all the toys from bins, puzzles, and games all mixed up.  OY!! took us good 45 minutes to sort it all out!! 
He loves to be buck naked and run into his sister's room and jumped on her bed.  You could hear her shrieking "get out of my bed!!"  and then his butt got caught in the doorway decor.  I can't explain this..but I was howling and laughing.  CA was NOT happy about it.  EWWWWWW
Its one of those hippy thing that hanging above the door way like beads thing? look like hundred of strings. Well, Cory ran through it and his butt got caught in and it also went under and somehow he swirled to get out.  you get the idea..  
CA sterlized it by spraying bleach on it and Lylensol wipes.  
CA loves to hold Cory down and tickled him to the death..but lately he is able to defend himself.  He did "kickbox" right into her face.  She never did it again.   I warned her ..one day he will get you back. 
With Cory,  I really have to let him go and let him learn the natural ways of consquences because you do find me always running after him to prevent him from getting hurt or doing something that isn't proper.  After I did some pruning the rose bushes, he keeps trying to take the dead sticks and I keep telling him no. no.  But he was so stubborn..so finally I said FINE..take it.  And he did.  As soon as he picks one up and let go immediately and started to cry!  I'm like well? Told you! 
Another good example, at the pool on Monday, I told him that he can't go to the main pool without me and of course he took off.  and then I told him to come back but he was already wandering further and further.  The lifeguard told me to tell him.  I told him that I DID but he won't listen to me.  So the lifeguard ran and get him and Cory got startled. I told the LG to sit him down and give him heck.   And he did.  Cory just bawled his eyes..its a good lesson because he didn't listen to me.
He likes to ride his two wheeled bike by standing up, I told him that is not safe and several times to sit down.  Sean said..let him.   And sure enough, he slipped and ouchhhhh right on the bar ..hurts himself underneath..if you know what I mean.  I am mentally prepared to have him getting hurt through his own experiences of things, and be strong.  
(now you know why I got the head gear????..you never know!)