One word..."Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

The worst is over..yesterday was kind of brutal.  I think the waiting part is the worst.  I did post some pictures (smile box) but I forgot that I can't show Cory's face yet....:(   We are still waiting to hear from the adoption worker, to let us know when it's granted.  THEN..we can do what we want to do! 
I'm little too tired to tell our story today..but just a quick note to let you know that it went well.  The minute Cory woke up, he was so happy to see me. I tell you that I arrived JUST on time! The surgery was shorter than they told us.   Oy!  He was fighting with the nurse, getting upset as they got to recovery room.  Then I arrived.  He calmed down and went to me.  I held him for a hour..holding him, holding back my tears and taking it all in. 
Emotions are a funny thing..I can't describe it right now.
Cory is at home..things are back to normal.  Almost.

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