Time to have a Summer!!

We're leaving tomorrow to head down to our summer place down at Birch Bay.  Kids and the dog are very excited today..I'm not too sure myself because today they drove me crazy!!   Even Pepper (dog) has been following me all day at my heels, she is making sure that I don't forget her!   It's raining here right now..the kids are restless and bored already! OY!!!  That is NOT good because school isn't officially out yet, and they're bored?   oh boy..I know.   Please pray for me........
Anyway, I just wanted to wish all my faithful readers a great summer..You may not hear from me for a while.  We don't have our own internet so therefore, I may check my emails once a week at the cafe.  
We plan to have a low key summer..not too much outings that requires "spending" money.   So our main plans are staying down at Birch Bay.   Please feel free to come down and visit us for a day..we would love to see you!  We have a pool, beach, and so much to do down there.   Bring your family, bathing suits, towels etc.
Have a good summer..don't drive yourself crazy.  That is my motto!


He knows who's deaf and hearing..

Interesting to see how Cory would try to figure out who is deaf or hearing..by communicating.   He won't use much speech with me because he knows I'm deaf!  so he signs to me most of the times.   So it depends on the person who use the method of communication, Cory will pick on that and use it.   Sean was home early for half day because of CA's doctor appointment at the hospital for Asthma testing.  So who knows how long it takes, especially in the hospital!  So Cory was non-stop talking and chatting with Sean using his voice.  I always miss that!!!  When I got home, he was signing to me and telling me this and that.  Sean was astonished!..He told me that he couldn't wait for us to get home to see how Cory has been chatting away but alas..I 'm here.   Smart kid! 


aww..so sweet!!

So cute..even though with age difference..they continue to play well together.  Lots of imagination plays..
they played with this little box for almost a week.  Even while watching a movie together.  LOL.

Anyway..I wanted to show you this picture..if you look at the background, there is an ABC poster of sign language.   In one week time, Cory picked up and learned the entire ABC !!! First in sign language, then verbal!!   Its worth having one.  And now he is showing interested in many letters around his environment, signs, books, and such.   I can't rememeber where I got this poster. This is my favorite one of all.  You will find all kind of posters that have ABC alphabet in sign language.  



Today, we went to BCCH for more mappings and updates.   Cory isn't doing enough speech than I had hoped because it is frustrating on my part.  I can't hear it! When I practice with him..I don't know whether he did it correctly or did it at all!   You know that I relied on lip reading too.. well, Cory isn't that lip "mover" enough for me! 
At times, I would try to get him to say the word, but miss "hearing" it or he say it without moving his lips!  So I have no idea if he did it or not.   But when I prompt him to say it..people tells me that he did.  Oh.   So when we are doing speech..there is one thing for sure.  I have to do it right.  Then teach him..but did he do it or not?  that is really tough for me.  I realized up to this point..we need more speech sessions..like twice a week because of this unique situation.   It's really unfair to Cory when I don't hear it and he does it.  And if he does it..then I don't know if he say it correctly...again I'm not exactly an candiate for this.    I am his primary caregiver and I'm the only one that is around more readily to help Cory with his speech.   Sean can't do it..his working hours varies and someone has to teach Sean first..then do it with Cory.  Time is so limited in sense that it's not working for Sean to do it with Cory. 
We are thinking of private speech therapist..that way we can get it twice a week?  I wonder if there is a special fund for this such unique situation?   I don't know if we can afford one..ugh!

Statistics showed that many CODA children get speech sessions after being in Elementary school, because of deaf parents.  So exposed "oral" speech at home is not the same as hearing families...interesting.  But time is crucial because of "early year"s intervention is important...not latter years.  


why is it so hard??????!!!!!!!

I can't believe it.  It is hard to find something for my son ..some kind of summer program for him!  I have been looking in websites to find something for him this summer.   More like a playgroup, weekly, or a drop in community center that have other hearing loss children as well.  Not just random local places.  I am little astonished to find that there is nothing.  Not even another parent requesting the same thing...
I thought it would be easy to find thru facebook or yahoo group etc.   I am hoping for even a playdate down in Birch Bay, WASH.  We would go as far as Bellingham..    The reason I am picking something from Washington because we will be down there for the summer.  SO I am hoping for the "connection" with other parents that have CI/ or children with hearing loss.  I want Cory to have something he will grow with..not isolate him from his "community".  I found one that we may go is Cochlear Picnic in Redwood Park in July ..but it would mean that we have to come back from crossing the borders to go there.   I don't know why there isn't much of "deaf events" for children in BC nor Washington, USA.  (I had thought it would be better there than here...)


Now..it's MY turn..

This post is going to be very interesting...you all know that I'm a teacher for 17 years..and every June,   I can hear parents (with deaf child/children) feeling little stressed about "summer".  The programs, or preschools are closed for summer..and I do hear parents feeling little anixous about what to do with their kids for the summer.  Seems at loss for trying to have a good summer..I don't know if its a general thing or it's the deaf thing.  I never have worked in hearing preschool..so I don't know if this is normal for all families (deaf or hearing).
When it's June..I try my best to tell them to have a good summer..don't worry about it.  It will be fine, try to give handouts of ideas what to do, deaf community/events..most of all..just enjoy those times off with your child. 
So far as I'm concerned..every summer I looked forward to it with my daughter (before Cory) and my husband.  We always go down to Birch Bay, camping, waterslides, Bible Vacation Camp, so on..so much to do.  It always end on a positive note..I am always sad at the end of August but yet, ready for school by then. 
Now, we have Cory..I have to admit, I am a little anxious to see how this summer is gonna pan out.   I am prepared to have fun, go crazy, swimming every day, daily walks to beach, messy art play, parks, lots of biking (at Birch Bay).  But something tells me..it is not going to be easy.  A gut feeling...is it because of hearing all those that parents saying so?   I know it will be little different than it is usually.  Its only that IF "I" just try to NOT let little things get to me..go with the follow, set up some structures and plan some trips.  Experience it, try new things, explore, positive energy..take lots of naps...lol.   but have FUN FUN FUN!  How hard could it be?  How bad can it be?  
I will find out..this summer.  Many of the "firsts"....but just pray for me.   LOL


My money jar...

I know this blog is mainly about Cory but I like to add a little about our 10 years old daughter as well.  Carrie-Anne is a tween which is something we are dealing with.   (rolling eyes here..)  I have to admit..it's a lot of fun at our house these days.  (really?..)
CA is so smart...I'm not worrying about her with school work or anything.   In fact, she is kind of a "perfectionist"..it is little scary.  She get upset if she got one wrong on her science test..that kind of thing.   Or if something isn't the way she want to be..sighhhh.    She may be almost 10 years old but it is like dealing with 13 years old or something. (I don't know what is typical teen age for such a thing yet..)   It is really exhausting..I am surprise that I haven't run away yet.    She tends to lose things DAILY..I kid you not.  That bugs the heck of me..I am tired of asking her where is her etc..each time she comes home from school.   She forget her homework, (her planner says she has it..) she probably lost about 4 hoodie sweaters this year.  You get the idea..it's really something I am constantly feel strongly about.  It wasn't about "oh well..too bad..you won't get a new one" etc.   It's more of trying to take more responsibility for her things and respect the valve of things that cost.  She knows she is very lucky to have things that she can have..
Another thing, it's her "listening"...anything I say..it just go through one ear and out in another!   It drives me crazy, to constantly repeat repeat...I keep thinking that she might have a hearing loss.   Her report card is almost too perfect..but one comment "She has trouble with listening in class and following directions".  yup..that is her.
 ( a hearing test in grade 2 already confirmed that her hearing is just fine)
I don't know if its a girl thing..or it's her.    
Anyway, I came across an article in newspaper other day.."Your 8 years old is old enough to be held accountable for losing things"..  I had my "AH HA" moment!!!  I try to have that once a day to keep me sane.   The idea was that she has to learn to respect and hang on to something when they know there's a consquence attached to losing it.   (ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS)..so true so true.
So put his/her forgetfulness into action..the next time he loses or forget something, make sure you bring her along for the search.   AND (plus)  every time she forgets or lose something, she has to give me a dollar in my money jar.  And if there is 10 dollars collected, then I can take away a privilege like no DS game or Wii for a week.   We started that yesterday..and guess what?  I already earn 2 dollars..
AND Sean thought that idea is really good..and we add something else to the mix.   25Cents if I had to repeat what I said to her.  not twice..ONCE!   I already got .50 cents out of it today.   But she is catching on fast!!  I think it's working.   Too bad, we can't try that on Cory.  LOL.  He doesn't have allowance yet...


potty mouth???

Ha ha..you guess it.  No ....not really.   Today, Cory's speech today focus was "P" with vowels.  Po, pa, pi, pe, pu ..  His speech therapist C would say those first, then Cory would try to copy her.  But he has troubles doing it somehow.  I signed to him from behind..(for pi) "pee" (for bathroom..) and (pu) "poo"..he actually did it.   No problem..it's good to have sign language associated with speech..it really helps!!  and for another good example. He tried to say "snake"  so he knows ling sound "s" so I would sign "ssss" then say sssssnake. He gets it.   Its so helpful tool to have to headstart with words.  
Today, I'm hearing pu, pi, poh, pa, pe all day.  ugh.  He was outside with CA's friends..one of them exclaimed that Cory said the poo poo words.  LOL.    Of course, bunch of girls are laughing and giggling over it.  Cory loved it!   oh bother..I hope it's not an ongoing thing....


Perfect place to be...in our trailer

Sometimes, it's hard to find a place for Cory's CI...especially in a small place.  (like our trailer)   So our perfect spot is on the fridge...LOL.    It has to be up higher because Cory sometimes would just grab it and put it somewhere else....

Cochlear Implant: Cory's 2nd Activation..three years old

FINALLY, I figured out how to post this!!!!!!!   So I hope you all will have a chance to see how it went now.  


Little relieved...it's not just me anymore.

I am hearing from people telling me that three years old boys are harder than 2 yrs. old !!  So I know I have my work cut out for me..and from my blog, you all know what it is like with Cory these days.  And now, I am noticing that he is NOT afraid to show his feelings in public.   So it is more difficult for me ...it takes so much out of me and I almost forget to laugh these days.  This week, well, I has to say..it was probably most difficult..I don't know if its PMS thing that Cory get.  lol.. but I am glad to see the outcome of it though. 
On Monday, I took a break while Sean took Cory for few hours to preschool.  And Cory had the biggest meltdown there, he didn't want to leave.  He was screaming, crying..and refused to do anything (put jacket on..knapsack etc) . Sean's patience was wearing thin.  So he just grabbed everything and Cory then left.  Then Cory wanted his jacket, and so on.  Sean ignored him and continue to drive home.  Cory was screaming and crying..all the way home.  And when he got home, Cory was sent to his room until lunch time.   Sean was huffing and puffing..I'm standing there going like..oh what's new?   Sean has been telling me before that I just need to ignore him or whatever parenting advices he gives..but now he got the taste of it..and NOW he sees what I go through.    Fun wasn't it?  
Then the next day, we were on a field trip to Green Timber Park..bug hunting.  Unfortunately, it was little too wet to find more bugs but the kids seem to enjoy it.  When, it's time to go..Cory started screaming and I'm like oh here we go!!  But Teacher J interfered and told Cory that it's time to go.  And he started to get mad and said "Stop..no" and lashing out with a stick.  Which at one point, I had to take it away because people were potentially getting hurt.   He was screaming and crying...but I am glad that Judy did that because he really needs to start hearing it from other people.   So it's not all "me"..you know?  I told him when you stop crying and calm down, you can have the stick back.  Right now, it's dangerous to slashing the stick around.  Then I just walked away..of course, you can hear him screaming and crying as we all walking away.  Eventually, he start to follow us and calming down.
Today, he had another one during book time..he doesn't want to read book (which I am very surprised because he loves books at home...and read it all the times) He wanted snack N O W!  And was very stubborn about not to read book and was intending to do lights for clean up time.  (its not his turn..but it's more of making the ultimate decision what he wants to do)  At that point, he was fighting about not getting a book and wanting to do the lights..and until I had to give him time out because he was about to do the lights flickings.  (it's signal for "clean up"..so kids with hearing loss can see it visually)   Of course, you can hearing him screaming and crying in hallway.   Basically, I found a nice tool..I told him you can scream and cry all you want but you won't go back in until you stop.   It works. 

And then later, at the end of the day, before going home.  Teacher J asked me to stand by the door and give a donut to each kid as they go. (thanks to T's grandma for the donuts)  And all the suddenly, Cory started screaming and crying...he didn't want me to take the donuts!  He was saying "stop..no ! stop!!" he was about to jump out of the chair and run to me.  Teacher J has to interfered and told him to stop crying and tried to explain that he will get one but he has to wait.   I' m so glad that she was firm with him and not letting him get away with this.    I feel relieved...so it's not just me anymore.  

I had to tell you..this is VERY typical of hearing loss kid's behaviours.  So be prepared for that..it will get harder..but therefore it will work out and get easier when he gets older.  (by then it will be a different type of behaviour)  From my 17 years..of experiences..this is so typical.   I almost love the challenges that comes with so it makes my day interesting at the preschool daily.  It is never dull, I can tell ya.   But as a mom, it is more challenging for some reasons and bit exhausting.  One can't take so much huh?  I guess..this is probably why I take a hot bath with bubbles and a glass of wine daily...heh heh.