Want to "hear" what it is like for me? ..check this link out.


I found this website..and I showed it to my family.  Lately, I really wanted to show them that they must be clear in with communication.  I think both my daughter and my husband forget to be little more careful with communication.  Probably is because I speak well and "hear" well as a deaf person, they forget that easily. Same with Cory..I know it's easier to speak with him than to sign with him at times.  But he needs that foundation, and can't assume that he understands verbally all the times.  That is what it seems to be ..
so if you try this link..you will see how or what it is like to have a hearing loss.  Mine category is "Moderate"..WITH hearing aids.  That's how I hear.  It is so uncanny.   One perfect example..I listen to the bird..in normal range..I heard NOTHING.  so then you try it in Moderate range..NOTHING!  so I was right on.  Both my daughter and my husband were kinda of dumbfounded..and now they get it!  I tried to explain that certain places, you need to make an extra effort with communication for me.   So I rely on lip reading most of all!!!!! with clear speech.  It's very important to me.
I think my daughter was bit shocked..got little upset how deaf I am.   I told her not to be upset..all I want you to be supportive with where I am..that's all.  
Check it out..its a real eye opener..
I'm curious for Cory with his CI..I will ask him one day .  Check back with me in about 10 years..I'll tell ya then.

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