That's what boys do...

Lots of little things happening..so this story is about everything he does..or what he says.
Yesterday, we were making salt dough ornaments for tree, he saw how I put some flour on the counter first before I rolled the dough.  Door bell rang, I stepped out for bit..
Came back to find all my kitchen countertops covered with flour and Cory was doing "flour" finger painting...groannnn  (if you recall how big my kitchen is..all five countertop!)

At school, few days ago..Santa came to stop by at Cory's preschool. Judy and kids are leaving a plate of cookies and milk for SANTA.   Judy told the kids that Santa is coming to stop by.   Cory thought about this for a moment..he looked up on the ceiling and said 'OH NO!!"  I'm like what????  Cory said "Santa come through the chinmey?  from rooftop?".  I already know where he is coming from.  Had to hold a chuckle here.   He said "where's the fireplace?"  Needless, the center doesn't have one.   I told him to tell the teacher..let her figure this one out .  heheh.   I know at times, Cory isn't satisfied with answers if it doesn't make sense.   Teacher told him that Santa is magic..he will find a way in.   Seems ok with that answer..Cory did said that he wants to stay and watch.  But I told him that Santa won't come if you're watching...he took off running.

We read him a lot of Christmas story, the one "Santa is Coming to Town"..its like a song book.  When I read the part about Santa knows when you're sleeping or awake..so I told him that Santa won't come if you're awake.  Other day, Cory was talking about how he is gonna sneak and watch so he can "catch" Santa when he comes.  So I figured it's time to read that story...
when I told him about the part that Santa knows when you're sleeping or awake..so better go to sleep .  He looked at me with sad look, "Okkk".  Then the part when I sang.."he knows when you have been naughty or nice.."  He says "Okk" again.  It was hilarous to see how he sounds so sad. 

If a present came (in mail) or from an certain person..Cory will think it's Christmas time.  Then when I tell him..not yet.  He gets so upset.  jeeezzz     Few days ago, I finally did gift wrappings and put them under the tree, Cory noticed it right away when he got up in the morning.  He say "yay!!!!!!!!!" and then he ran to the stockings and tried to see if there's anything in it.   You should see the look on his face!  He said "Santa FORGOT!!!!!"  duh!   oh boy..I had to explain this one to him...lol.   We got our his calendar and explained all that to him.

We did had the chocolate advent calendar..but he ate it all!  It was a mistake on my part because I did put it away each day so he will only have one..but when I forget..we had to catch up few days so therefore, he had more than one chocolate.  So later, he helped himself ...  why not?

Speaking of climbing..we have tried so hard not to let Cory knows that he has a bunk bed above his bed..but one day I came to his room, he was on top of it!!!  I'm like HOW did he get up there??????   I had to know.   Instead of getting upset..I said "wow..how did you get up there???  show mommy!"   I took him down and said "Show it to me.."  (this is pretty shocking...)  He got up by his chair first, then climbed on his desk..then went on the edge of bed (top)  I can't explain it but that is VERY difficult thing to do...but needless he did it!  At least he got the determination!!!!  (yikes!)  I had to explain to Cory that he is not allowed up there until he is at least 5 years old and its dangerous to go up there without mommy and daddy.  I hope it stays that way...but it didn't.   Cory likes to "jump" down to the bed below him.  Time out!  it is so dangerous.  Not much space..like you would see in cartoon..from long jump into small small pool?  you get the idea.  

He likes to close his eyes when walking down the stairs..
He likes to go up the stairs on the outside of it..by holding the railings...
He likes to put things from the top and watch it go down, crashing...
He likes to pretending he is a Superman and go head first....
With cardbox, he tried to go down by standing up..

In restaurant, sometimes the music really gets to me..so loud.  I like to turn off my hearing aids for quiet time..we all sign to each other.  Sean took CA to bathroom..and suddenly everyone is looking at us.   I was trying to figure out why...as soon as I turn my aids back on.  Cory was slurping VERY loudly with his milkshake or making noisy sounds.   It was so loud!  oh my!  Who knows how long he did this?   I signed to Cory, "don't do that..its really loud!!  Its rude.   Please stop".   I figured if people saw us signing (like we are deaf) so they are more understanding why we didn't stop when Cory first did that.  I saw an elder man chuckling bit..so wheww.

Cory figured out how his fan (lights too) works in his room..slow, med and fast.  He starts throwing things to it to see the results.    UGH.   "Cool" he said.   Thank God..I was able to hear one that was loud enough that got me running before anything else get thrown.  I asked Sean to disconnect the fan for the time being..

I have to learn to unplug certain things..and NOT to show or do certain things in front of him or he will do it!!

Like the mixer, he knows how to turn it on...
coffee machine..
Boys and buttons..knows when to push them!


My little "princess"...

I'm ok with that..today Cory decided that he is a girl.   Thanks to a friend who had him today, she has two girls and Cory was playing with "girls" stuff. LOL.. In fact, he was wearing a princess dress today, he told me that he really likes it.   LOL   As a ECE teacher, we don't say anything negative about it...its is NORMAL for boys to be interested in certain things or girls to be interested in boys stuff.  I know some people would be "worried" about it..or its "not" manly thing..for instance, my husband.   He is telling Cory.."are you a girl?"..Cory kinda of said "yeahhhh".   LOL.  we had to laugh.  Sean was saying..nooooo you're a boy!   Then Cory said "pretending girl"..We pointed out how he likes wearing that pink dress today, it was fun pretending etc.   He was playing with dolls and was super "dad" with it. From what I hear..   So anyway, he decided today he is a girl.   okkkkkkkk
Time for sex ed????   He knows that girls are "girls" with body parts and so on.   so I natually asked him if I'm a girl..he said that no.  you're a boy".  huh????? I was like ...what?????    then I caught his little sly smile....whew..he is teasing me!  
This friend took a picture of him wearing the dress (from what I hear he didn't wear it for long!!) and I forward it to Sean and all he said was "oh boy...oh boy..." and I teased him by telling him that Cory refused to take it off, and that my friend let him have it..so he wore it all the way home and slept with it at nap time.   all I got was from Sean "oh boy..."

Too funnny..I didn't let him on that I was teasing...until he got home.   :)   I actually had to ask him..were you really that worried about it?  He said nahhh  (who knows?)

Maybe he will the pink pajamas tonight??? wink.


just confirmed..allergy test.

Today, it has confirmed my fear.  (not technically "fear")  But it's good to know so we can work our life around it..
Cory is allergic to few things, it's pretty standard.  ALMOST just identical to Carrie-Anne!! wow..talk about being "related" in sense...
He is allergic to milk, dog, cat, dust mites, pollens, and seasonal trees.   She said not to worry about milk or dog especially.   I did commented if I had to get rid of our beloved dog?  She said no because its just an awareness and its not FATAL.  He will have constantly runny nose from time to time.  So few things we have to do, is that Pepper isn't allowed in his bedroom.  That was easy..she never was! Even not in CA's too...she has asthma-allergy too.   But Pepper would need to be bathe more, just to get rid of "pet dander"..and of course hair brushings. 
The main thing is to vaccuum twice as much (2x a week) ...Sorry, Sean (that is his job)!!   And dusting too.   We have to make sure his beddings are protected with mattress cover, wash more often and so on.  (Same as CA's ) so that is easy habit for me.   
Milk..well, this is interesting.  I kinda of suspected that.   B U T, the doctor said not to stop giving him milk, it's so important for him and its not FATAL.  but rather just try to give him soy milk if I have to, give to him regularly and not "extra" milk for him which that I do sometimes with yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese etc.   I'm not gonna sweat over , having to look over ingredients before giving it to him etc. 

On the lighter side...the doctor was afraid to touch him when she saw the cochlear implants!!!  She was so dense in sense that she was like ????? what is that?  Couldn't she be more subtle?   Its the last thing I want people is to react to Cory like that.. jeeeez.   I tried my best to explain to her and that I actually said "it's ok..it doesn't bite!..you can touch him."  She gave me a dirty look. 
Wow..that is a first!


It was so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!   We went to see Santa few days ago.  Cory was so excited and he keeps telling me what he wants for Christmas.  I told him to tell Santa!!! not me.   LOL.  While we were standing in the line, Cory was taking all in with the Santa's house and the reindeers.  He started to tell me the "Night before Christmas Eve" story in ASL , I WISH I had my video camera!!!!  It was so neat to see that.  He also told me that he can hear the penguins "talking" and was imiating them.  I had no idea because the mall itself is so noisy, and I'm truly surprised that he caught that.
When it's our turn, Cory went right up to Santa and Santa said to him (he doesn't know that Cory is deaf) I'm not sure what he said "...blah blah...what do you want for Christmas?"  Cory said "gas ppppuu" using his voice, trying so hard to say the word "pump" so I had to help him.   He said "for my car ..candy! ...toys"  using his voice (CA interpreted for me...) I was astonished!   Santa started to sign abit to Cory, telling him to be a good boy, want a cookie? and then "Merry Christmas." in sign language.  Cory was so excited to see that Santa knows "sign language"..so Cory immediately started signing to him all sort of things, telling Santa about the Christmas story and reindeers, and then cars so on.  Poor Santa, needless he is not getting all that...CA and I tried not to laugh.   CA interpreted for Santa what Cory was saying etc.   Santa said "wow he talked and signed alot! "    
We had to go..Cory said "see you later!!!"  We noticed that Cory is so clever that he knows if YOU sign to him or know sign language, he will USE it!  But if you don't, then he will use his voice.  LOL.