MP3..IPOD..a new era of hearing loss?

I came across this article about this.  I was worried about the younger generation using those devices and I know I often fought with my daughter not to have it too loud! either way, using her headphones or speakers. It seems that the louder the better..why?  For me as a hearing loss person, I find it is hard to understand the words when its too "loud" so how do they do that?   I have been pretty good in making sure my daughter's ears are protected for years.  Toys that are taped over to muffled the loudness, headphone with volume controls, and more likely, keep it to the comfort level or turn it off.  Events that we go, I always make sure that we have an ear muff or ear plugs for my daughter when she was young.   and NOW she is following her peers..thus LOUD is better.  Here's an article for more awareness...

MP3-Induced Hearing Loss is a Growing Problem in the United States

Written by: John O’Connor

I am very passionate about hearing loss because my father and grandfathers are affected by it.  I feel that there is a general lack of understanding around the issue and it is our job to try and spread awareness.  You can find me at bloggingwjohno.blogspot.com, Enjoy!

Noise-induced and MP3-induced hearing loss is becoming more of a problem in adolescents. Because of the epidemic, healthcare professionals are looking for ways to prevent hearing loss due to external factors. Many studies have been dedicated to MP3-induced hearing loss. The Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics has studied this type of hearing loss extensively to devise a strategy to do something about this epidemic.

About the MP3-Induced Hearing Loss Study

Experts have found that exposure to high sound levels from portable MP3 levels can increase the risk for distortion in hearing, hyperacusis, tinnitus or threshold shifts. Hearing loss affects all types of people. Even college graduates are affected by hearing loss due to MP3 levels. According to the Hearing Alliance of America, 15 percent of college graduates have a hearing loss problem that is equal to or greater than the hearing levels of their parents. High volume music is the cause of most of their problem.

Experts are in the process of devising effective prevention strategies to help people have safe listening experiences and protect their hearing health. Even though a strategy has not been devised, experts fully expect the education portion will include healthy listening levels and rules that protect adolescents from harmful exposure. Many experts and audiologists suggest the use of a hearing aid if hearing loss is severe in order to regain some functionality.

The problem with imposing regulations is that many adolescents will not adhere to the rules and regulations. Healthcare professionals cannot prevent hearing loss without help. Parents and other authority figures must get involved to stop MP3-induced hearing loss.

Who is At-Risk and What Can Be Done About It?

Though adolescents have the highest level of MP3-induced hearing loss, they are not the only people at-risk. Anyone who listens to MP3s loudly will be at risk for hearing loss. “Too loud” is defined as any sounds over 85 decibels. Meters can be used to measure sound levels and determine if the noise levels are too loud.

Sounds can be measured on a scale from zero to 140. Normal conversation is 60 dBA. Music at 80 decibels can be listened to for 40 hours per week without causing damage. Music at 89 decibels can only be listened to for five hours per week.

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a serious condition. There are 22 million American adults between the ages of 20 and 69 that have permanent hearing loss from noises over 80 dBA. Musicians and adults must be careful to monitor their listening levels to avoid premature hearing loss.

Adolescents must keep their volumes of their headphones at an appropriate level to avoid permanent hearing loss. Noise-limiting headphones are a wise investment. In addition, their diets must be fortified with vitamin A, B, C, D, E and manganese to build a healthy immune system that can fight hearing loss. These vitamins will help to fight free radicals in the body that may be responsible for hearing loss.

Turn The Music Down and Protect Your Health

Turn the music down and protect your hearing health. Kids can lose their hearing by listening to loud music. Ensure all music levels are 80 dBA or below and remain safe.