Spring Break..it's day 12..

Last week, Spring Break officially starts but I had to work for few days, then we took off to Manning Park Resort for three days.  We had a great time.  The drive was shorter than we thought..no traffic..kids didn't say once "are we there yet?"  LOL.   We checked into the Manning Park Lodge..Sean and CA wanted to take the advantage of skiing right away with GORGEOUS weather!! It was sunny with blue sky..since we heard that it will rain the next day and next. (it never happened) just very light snow and then most of the time it was sunny.  It did become so warm that we had to take off our winter coat and pants.  Cory and I went sledding together..I took a video of it. You can see his laughter..sweet!

We came back to check into our room..we all went swimming and hot tubbing.   Then the next day, it was sunny again and Sean thought they should go out again and take an advantage of it!  They skied a full day..no line ups!  Sean can't keep up with CA!  ha ha..he must be getting old! I think it's time for me to get him a helmet.  You can't be too careful with our ages these days..ha ha.  Cory went to ski school to take private lesson for a hour..he did very well.  After a hour, he was "done"...

We missed out the snow tubing..:( that was the most disappointing part.  We didn't know it only run on weekends.   If we had known, we should have gone on Sunday prior to our arrival.  Next time! but we did a lot of sledding and playing in the snow.  Ice skating rink was closed too..again it was a huge disappointment, I kinda of knew it will happened because of warmer weather now.  
The trip is not all at loss..it was only $99.00 a night with TWO full days ski pass.   (special rates)

 all excited!!!!
 First lift!!
 Huff and Puff up the hill we go..many times!!
 First try..
 after several tries, he is on his own!
 going up..had to learn to tow up..
 King of the Mountain!!

 Cory walked up the hill with his boot on backward..we all were howling and laughing at this..


New Headgear?

HI..I have been trying to find a good headgear for Cory (and CI users) to protect their CI while playing sports or active activity.   I find it is hard to use it with BOTH cochlear on.   And we decided that we rather that we always have, is that Cory use only one while playing anyway.   
The head gear is pretty cool looking compares to many others that I find that are quite bulky.   This one is lightweight and pretty water resistant like material.   It seems to cover up the CI really well, more than I would have thought.. however, I like how it kept his CI in place.   It took a while to figure out the adjustment and keeping Cory still while fumbling around the straps to keep in place and of course, keeping the HEAD gear in right position.  It's hard to do that on a toddler or young kid!!    I ask Cory how does it feels? he said it feels fine..he likes it.  I asked if which one do you like better?  this or bike helmet?  he likes the head gear better.  
One little thing is that the magnet part..(top part) you can still see it bit from the top.  So its NOT entirely covered the whole CI..but it still keeps in place.  Sean thought it was still sticking out..I told him that is OK because you don't really want to put a lot of pressure on the magnet part anyway.   It can be irritating.  The rest part can be smug so it doesn't fall off too easily so you don't have to take the whole thing off and put it back on (like how we had to do that with Cory's bike helmet..it drives me crazy!)   I haven't really tried it out with Cory's playing time because we didn't have the opportunity over the weekend with Soccer finals.  
At least its a start!  see photos.