the waiting game......

I thought it would be good idea to start a blog with our stories...so I m not repeating everything and I know how busy we are and we wanted everyone to be in the "loop" with our life. You know the saying "it takes a village to raise a child"..so this is what we believed in strongly..to get everyone involved with our life aka adoption. For unselfish reasons, we want the child to have a good roots with us and within our community.

Sean and I have been looking into adoption for awhile..he completed all the courses with MCF (Ministry of Children and Families). For months..we have been going over carefully with profiles for children that are pending for adoption. Its not that simple..we have to make sure its a good match for our family. This sort of things does not happen overnight..months of months going over potential children. I can't believe how many children are in the MCF system..its so sad but yet its has rewardings..these children are in placements when they can.

We got a phone call...one night few weeks ago..there is a child that is looking for a home. Apparently its a good match for our family..this type anyway. Sean and I had to make a decision right away about this potential child. It wasn't exactlly what we planned..with our choices but this little child needs a home like ours. Sometimes things doesn't go EXACTLY as we planned but GOD knows this ..this is what he plans for us.

We had few days to think about it...we saw nothing but positive things about this child into our family..Im sure there is some ups and downs..but we can do it. No doubts about it!

The next thing was that the social worker and foster mom came down to see us and our houses, asked some questions etc. They said they would love for us to take this child. Sean and I would too!

The next action of plans is to read the profile file of this child..and go from there. Our social worker think its a great chance for us and its 99.9% chance for this child into our home. We were so excited..I couldn't sleep that night..it was still reeling into our mind as I type this..it has been a long waiting game. Im like hurry up ...get aboard on this! It will be by end of July, that this little fellow will be in our home. You know how it goes..paper works, profile reading, fly out to meet this child and fly down here to our home for trial tests etc....

Unfortunately, I can't say to this point if its a boy or girl, age or where this child is from. Its all part of the package. Soon enough, we will announce this when we can..when it becomes finalized!!!

See you next time..