Mixed feelings...:(

Maybe it's a blessing..maybe there's a reason why this is taking so long.  We haven't heard back yet about Cory's second surgery..whether its approved or not!  Its driving me nuts...we have been waiting since late January.  And the more I wait..the more Im starting to get doubts.  Statics showed that the longer (or the older) you wait..the results aren't too good compares to have BI-CI so far apart from the first one.  Cory has it for one year already..and he is going to be 3..so from what I see (research).  Its better to do it when they are younger.  So technically, it's starting to be a moot point because he'll be 3 by next month and results are not going to be "huge" if he get second one.  
Ideally, Im fine with it. Having just one.   Because he is such a busy boy..it drives me crazy how it fall off all the times from playing and running around.  I can't imagine having two! I would be picking it up every waking minutes.   Another thing is he is doing very well with one.  So why bother..? I want to say leave him alone..let him be a kid.  Rather go all that again, surgery, CI appointments etc etc...
I have been asking my husband this question several times already.."are you sure we should do this?"  I can't seem to ignore this nagging feelings at the back of my head.  Could it be because the waiting is doing this?  They (the CI team) tell us that the sooner the better..but then why isn't anything being done??? The waiting has gone too far that Im starting to have second doubts..


  1. Karen ,

    Do you have any idea of how LONG I waited for my CI surgery ? One year ! ( yeah the wait list is longer for adults than children) Then of out blue, I was notified by email the actual confirmed date of my actual CI surgery was November 1st, 2004. The email notification didnt give me much time at all, except I was told to have the surgery within ten days and I had to respond quickly yes or no otherwise they will find someone else to say yes. Then I got the shots asap and had to go in for a full day health work-up and discuss anthenisia. ( I had previous problems with anthensia before)

    So just phone the pediatric CI team and address your concerns. They probably wont give you a clear answer to when for Cory's second CI surgery because part of the problem is booking the OR. It is tough to book the OR then sometimes, it gets used for emergencies and so on.

    Hang in there dear !!

  2. (I posted Eileen's comment that was sent in my facebook) Here is my response:

    Yes I know..but they (BCCH)keep telling us the sonner the better..Im like when then ??? if its another month..Im gonna say no. Because its just a moot point I think..he is getting older and is starting to be typical boy so busy and running. He is NOT gonna want the second one..he did in January when he saw the new Nucleus 5 and he tried to put it on himself on the other side..it was too funny to watch because the magnet wouldn't stay on..(its not there!!) He was very interested in it..then other day at preschool (few weeks later) I showed him another kid's two CIs and he was very interested and kept pointing to his other side for one. And this mom took it off and let him try it..he was excited but of course no magnet.. and this boy took it "mine!" And Cory was disappointed..
    fast forward ..two weeks ago..at BCCH..I told him about second one and that he will get one. He then said he doesn't want it!!!!!!! talk about jaw dropping moment...I don't know if its because we're at the BCCH..the appointment room look familiar and so on..