Opps..moment like this..IT's IMPORTANT to have CI on the minute he wakes up.

Opps..I guess it's one of those days.  We were having such a lazy morning..all of us in Pajamas, and I didn't put on my hearing aids nor have Cory with his CI.   CA already left for piano lesson..
I had to go to get more milk in our other fridge in the garage.  Did I mentioned that Cory likes to play with door locks?   So I found myself locked out in the garage..I tried banging the door few times, thinking Cory is right by the door.  He knew I was out there because I told him.  (Always tell deaf kid where you are going..because they can't hear you specifically where you are like hearing kids.  Even if you're going upstair, or going to bathroom..I know its a strange thing compares to hearing world and deaf world.  Its a must.  I grew up trying to figure out where my parents are..its not funny.  I hate it.   I would be screaming and looking for them like crazy. )   Anyway, I went around to the back to show myself at the windows, hoping Cory would see me..but didn't work.  Then I went to front door..(praying that no one see me in my pajamas!!!)  and start banging the door, ringing..knowing that my dog will go nuts and run to the door. Cory will see that..sure enough she ran back and forth to Cory and to the door..then again and again. Finally Cory saw that..and followed her.  I tried to wave..thinking happy face, happy face.  (I was really mad, furious...) because that is not acceptable to lock doors.  Praying that he can unlock, easy enough to do it?  and he did.  whew..got in.   I just had to count to 10 and ask him..why did you lock the garage door?    Told him that mommy couldn't get in.   He said "where your key?"   I just stared at him blankly...didn't know what to say.   Needless, Sean thought it was funny..
ha ha ha

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