time to play "smart"...

I mentioned before how Cory does say no all the times?   It has been tiring and getting little too much.   So I have been working on "yes"..shaking head, signing "yes" and positive responses etc.  And my responses (instead of "no") I would be using different words.
And now..he is really showing his strong-willed "choices"..and I have to choose my battles and say ok. fine leave it.  
Few times, when I asked if he wants some juice, he would say of course, "nooooo!" then I say ok. whatever.  And walk away.    He then would be like getting upset for not getting the juice..with expressions (so priceless) like oh oh, I made a mistake!  juice, juice please!!!!   I know it's tough love to do this..but Cory has to be more considerations with his answers.   I would try it again later about 30 minutes, or he would come up and say "sorry, can I have some juice please?"  
This morning, before walking to CA's school, I asked him three times to put his jacket on.  He wouldn't budge, so I said to him.  "It's cold outside, you need to put your jacket on".  Naturally, he said loudly "NOOOOOOOOOO!"  So time was pressing, we have to go or CA will be late for school.  I just said fine ok..not worth fighting.  Let's go.   And I put him in the stroller..and we just left without a jacket.   And he didn't get upset...that is good.   You know how sometimes, you wonder if your child really do understand?    The air was bit nippy cold, frost on our breath.  Yup, it's a jacket weather.  But Cory was all happy not wearing one.  (IT DOES bugs me!!)  but oh well..
we were walking half way, we ran some of CA's friends and moms on the way.  They were kinda of questioning with Cory's no jacket.  I explained to them.  And they said to him.."brrrrrrrr!!"  Cory was all smile..and said "brrrrr!" back.    I told him..you didn't want to wear your jacket.  He said " no jacket".  dang it..it backfired!!! I honestly thought he would be cold enough to admit to wear one!    whatever. 
Another thing, later on, I found some playdough.  I asked Cory if he wants it.  I saw that he was about to say no..but quickly said "yes, please!" with a smile.   So now I know he knows when to say yes or no.  
We went out for a quick errand, came back in time for lunch.  I told him that it's time for lunch and please go to bathroom.   Again.."noooooo!"   I said "ok..I guess you don't want some lunch then?"   He replied that he does and took off to bathroom.  hehehe.   Knowing that he hasn't gone potty since wake up time, I tried to encourage him to go first..again "nooooooo!"  Ok.  I told him, warning.."IF you have to go during lunch time..and you can't come back and finish your lunch!"   "Noooooo!"   (this is really starting to be tiring..)  He chose not to go. 
Little more than half way at lunch, suddenly, he told me he has to go potty!!  I told him.."that's why you go potty BEFORE you eat.  and now if you got to go..then lunch is over."   I do feel badly with this..but it made a difference later on..before meal times.  He knows now.   We are sort of trying to nip in bud with his "Nooo"..and make him think twice about it more.    And what's more..he would wait to last minute..and the results is disaster...I end up cleaning up the bathroom and him.  grrrr.  Most of the time, its good.  But when mommy knows that he hasn't gone for awhile..and its time to go.   I really try hard to respect his choices..but sometimes accidents do need to happen for him to learn.    Oh yea, he got very upset with not able to finish his lunch..but at dinner time, he knows now.  He went to the bathroom, without a fuss.  :)

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