I think Cory was not used to being outdoor as much as I thought.  So we have been exploring things, like bugs, worms, gardening, crabs on beach etc.   He does get gross out with squirmy things, crawling things etc.   So I have to be a good role model about those things and show him not to be afraid of certain things.  So this morning, we went for a walk, we found lots of worms all over the sidewalk.  That kid wouldn't touch it!!!!   He tells me to leave it on the ground..and unfortunately he stomped one.   Lesson two coming up..on that one. 
Anyway, I got a pie plate and picked up a few with soil.   We bought it home..and left it on the kitchen counter.   Cory would come up few times to check it out..he was getting warm to the idea of worms. He loves to watch them "wave".  He would wave them back.  LOL.  And to watch them buried themselves into the dirt.   Then we went upstair...
After about 30 minutes, the some of the worms were GONE!!!!!    I tried very hard not to "freak" out (remember being a role model???)   I found one in the kitchen floor, one on the counter by the stove and one under the couch.  HOW the heck did they go that far and fast?~!??   My turn to say "ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!"    That is it..out they go!!!   Cory then got upset..sighh.  He wants to bring it to his room.  NOT!

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  1. you should get him a worm farm! Then he could have them in his room and watch them and they wouldn't be able to escape!