Forgot to mention one thing...

Despite all that craziness..yet more to come!!!  CA has a dental mini surgery tomorrow. PLUS a soccer try outs right after that.  It was supposed to be today but they changed it to tomorrow.  Oh bother..that is why I booked that date first place. 
We ordered the new Nucleus 5 to upgrade Cory's old one on the right side.  So he will have both the same processors.   I'm not gonna tell you how much it is..but very pricy.  wow.  Thank god, the MCF is covering that.  (it was granted BEFORE I signed the adoption papers!!!) smart huh?
You can check it out ..this is better than the one Cory has.  It's waterproof, much more lighter, thinner and he won't need to wear "baby" cable that attached to his clothes.  (hopefully)


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