The Day Before Tomorrow...

It's confirmed..it will be tomorrow at 12 ish.  I kept the routines same as always.  Cory went to preschool yesterday and today..I'm not gonna worry about him getting sick.   Just go as normal.   I was fortunately enough to borrow a book from BCF, (There wasn't one in the library..hope they will order another one, it is a good one for family to share this)  Its a Usborne book "Going to the Hospital"..this little boy is getting ear tubes.  IT was a perfect book to show Cory...it has the picture of the little boy with "type of bandage" in his ear.  Not quite the same as MASSIVE bandage he will be getting.   I have been helping and preparing Cory about going to the hospital and having surgery.   We read that book several times..he seems to understand, I think..  Before he went to bed, he said "tomorrow, I'm going to the hospital".   At least, he seems ok with it.  He is excited to get a new CI.  Also, we have been packing his little suitcase, things he would need and things to play with while waiting and recovery time.  
Several parents have gave me some good suggestions what to bring:  shirts (long sleeve with buttons) not overhead types., sippy cup, some snacks, toys, books, drawing paper/pencils, his kitty, pullups, socks, dvd player/movies.    It will be a crazy day tomorrow for sure...I'll be probably driving back and forth few times between appointments with my daughter and Cory.  Sean is gonna stay over night with him..due to communication reasons with BCCH staff and Sean can sleep anywhere!  I would never sleep there..and I probably won't be sleeping well either at home!  I want to be there when he wakes up..so that is my ultimate motive.  
Here's that picture of little boy, Ben waking up after operation . You can see the white bandage covered his left ear.  Little hard to see.
Wish us luck!  Cory will be giving thumbs up..I know he will.   I'll try to take picture of that!

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