Nucleus 5 in the WATER!!!!

Two words.. THANK GOD!   I don't know what we can do without "waterproof" device..in general.  I know that Nucleus 5 is water resistant/waterproof..what's the difference? I'm not sure..but anyway.  IT is a MUST have if you have an active toddler or sport-goer type kid..and one thing I know for sure that Cory really LIKES having his CI on in the pool.   We went swimming with PALS class at BCF, I noticed two other kids that are wearing theirs in the pool.  One with swimband, and other one..nothing!   One of the mom kinda of twisted my arm.. LOL  ..no..she convinced me, I guess.  It would be important for Cory to swim with his CI.  ( I wouldn't use both)  For one thing for sure, I'm not "chasing" after him due to water safety, and it is hard to communicate when he doesn't have CI on but he knows sign language anyway.  So it's not a big issue.  However, I was thinking about signing him up for swimming lessons soon.. but how would he be able hear or understand the instructor at the pool?  So that's when I thought..okkkkk here we goes..
He loves it! You can see the instant sparks in his eyes..and immediately, he submerged in the water with his CI.  I was little bit nervous.  oy oy!   Then when a mom asked me if that his CI have  rechargeable battery not dispositable..I was like ??????  oh crap!   (It was ok..it just scares me when she said that..)
My parents said that I was LUCKY to have such a device.  They had to go through troubles with my hearing aids when I was younger, I was quite an athletic and would be playing soccer in the rain, mud and puddles.  That's where I played the best.  Mom and Dad would spend hours on drying my aids afterward, with a hair dryer and praying that they would be working again..back then we didn't have a special dryer or such a thing as waterproof aids.  :) 
One time, a month ago, we were in a park, when it was quite a downpour that day, Cory's CI fell out and landed right into a deep puddle.  I thought oh yikes!! Took it out right away.  It was still ok..
if that was my hearing aid..it would be a goner for sure!!! 

Anyway, Cory just kept on submerging his CI ear into the water over and over again..I can tell that he loves how it sounds and he become more awareness with it.   It is interesting to see how a child changes from not having it on and then have it on.  I think I will be in trouble..when it's bath time...

I don't know our audiologist feels at the BCCH about this..I know I asked about it before.  They strongly do not recommended this..maybe they are just being "safe"?    But I know it's under warranty so if anything..I can replace it?  is that true? is that too simple?  Or am I taking a big risk?


signing or verbal..

I think it's hard for Cory to switch over back and forth..when he talks..I don't hear it or understands him.  So he has to sign to me most of the times.  But it is nice to have that option between him and me.. it goes the same way for him.  IF I use my voice..which its part of therapy..he will use his voice but it backfires because sometimes I don't know what he is saying.  LOL.   So right now, we are using the concepts of who is hearing and who is deaf and maybe that will help him with the identify who is using voice or signings.  
I think it's a misconcept for Cory in a way..with CI, he is like "hearing" but without it he is "deaf".  so what do I say to him?   Even if I say, that you are "deaf" but he meet other deaf kids who doesn't use "voice"?  Yes, I would have to explain more in that details...gosh ..he is only three. How far do I go??  If he meet another deaf kid but this kid doesn't sign? but does act like hearing.    oh bother..


Bear...Pear...I can't even hear the difference!!

Ack ack..seriously..speech is more intense these days.   Part of speech therapy, mom or dad are to be part of it... for instance,  role playing to show the child how it is done by examples or ideas.  
Today, C, the speech therapist, has to asked me to help..she has two items: one is a bear and another is a pear.  So I have to listen and point it out which is which when she said it.  ack ack!  LOL.  Like I said, I'm definite not a good example for this type of thing!  She has to sign to me beforehand to get the right answer!   ha ha  It is amazing to see how  Cory CAN tell the difference! Not right off the bat, but eventually, he did got it. 


At school, today, I was working on the names of CA's friends.  They get a kick out of it when Cory tried to say their names...Girls!  Suddenly, we had bit of a crowd...Cory didn't want to do it anymore.  It was nice to see and vision the possible idea of Cory going to CA's school one day.  When THAT day comes, I'm gonna cry.  It is a hopeful dream for all parents who have hearing loss kids..to be part of the world so they can grow and be strong! 


We're baccccccckkkkkkk!!!!!

What a summer!! I know it's already Sept. 14 but my goshness..it has been super busy since then.  Some of you may already know that I'm back to work only twice a week.  It has been an adjustment but beside my work, kiddies' schedule were pretty full too.  CA already had her first soccer game on Sunday, started piano lessons on Wednesdays and of course lots of "catching up" from not being at home for two months.  (and a lot of CLEANING to do too!!!)
Cory started preschool today..I am not sure whether if that preschool is suitable for him. But I promised that I will try to wait at least until the end of this month before making a drastic decision (to pull him out and put him in a different preschool)
I hope that things will work out..I have faith that it will.  It has been an exciting start so far..I won't let anything let me down.