CI moment..I think he feels "cheated". any ideas?

ahhh..who doesn't love Saturday mornings??  Sitting in bed, drinking coffee, watching Bugs Bunny show with the kids.  Life is good!  He woke up and I asked him how did you sleep? (in sign language..no CI yet)  He said "sleep hard, sore here (in left ear where new CI is)".  wow.  He is able to tell me how he feels..that is awesome. 
We had a CI moment...usually I'm flexible with not putting our hearing devices right away.   But Cory asked for it..and he ran and got it himself!  (but he forgot the battery..something I'm thinking whether he is old enough to show how to use the battery..put in device etc?..ummmm)    Anyway, I put it on and he said "where is the other one?"..wow.  I had to tell him..no no not yet.  One month..you have to heal first.  He got upset and kept asking for the new one.  I think he feels "cheated"?   he is only (almost 3) 2 and its a hard concept to have.  He expected to get a new one..feel excited about it.  Went through surgery and was a brave little boy and then get nothing??   AND to tell him one month..oy.  He was patience for few days..and now he is not!   I 'll have to set up a calendar system and show him that he will get it at certain day.  I did asked the hospital but they wouldn't tell me specific date.  groannnnnn.  How do I tell him?  any ideas?  this is obviously very bright boy..so no tricks please!  :(

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