Just few updates..

At this stage..Cory is babbling a lot..like a year old.  Few words there and then...he would say it out of blue or really try to say it.  It is coming along regardless of no speech sessions this summer.  We have been talking to him at all times, and only signs when I noticed he doesn't respond or understand as back up.   (I had to sit on my hands or hold it down)  One thing is that I noticed an increase in language more or less when he watch T.V. (we have no cable down at BBay..) and I often wonder if it's a good thing to let him watch T.V. "alot" than I usually do let with Carrie Anne because of the Cochlear Implants.  I know it seems an unfair advantage to her but it seems to help Cory more .  I wish I have more of visual DVD for simple language enhancements.   NOT too busy or too much cartoons or shows..it's a fine line there. 
Another thing I noticed over the summer, he often asked to go over to Grandparents' for story time rather me "reading" him stories..   My parents doesn't really know sign language so they just use their voice with Cory.  He loves it.  When I do story time, I use ASL first, then again with both signing and voice.   Cory seems to prefer to use the "auditory" aspect of story time.   Really??? I am not so sure..   It would be interesting to know..

Anyway, few photos (from my Blackberry..I left my camera at BBay!)

CA is able to climb up on trees these days..one day I came around looking for her.  I see her bike on the lawn but where is she???  I called her out and I couldn't find her.  I got worried..and Cory was in baby carrier on the back of my bike.  He got excited and pointed it out.  I didn't see it at first..because I was looking down and around.   Cory heard CA up in the tree...ack!!!      He is like my hearing assistant these days!  And Cory of course, wants to climb up.  My rule is if you can't get up yourself then you can't . Simple as that. 

One of the things with John Tracy Clinic course, we tried one of their game is "auditory hide and seek"..Cory loves that game with CA.  They play with it constantly..
I am on currently lesson four ..very slow.  Usually I do these things really quickly but with an "hearing" loss toddler, life is unexpected and BUSY!!!!  Unlike my hearing daughter..what a big difference. 


I may be going too far...but I like to think AHEAD!!

In the past month, Cory has proved to us how he really are SPORT wise..he loves to play soccer, hockey and football.  Its all about sports, sports all day long.   Wow.  that is the kind of kid we want!! lucky us!  but at the same time, you have no idea how exhausted I am these days.  Look at that little face..how do I say no???

It is tough ..with Cochlear Implants..especially that he has two! I do NOT want to limited his opportunities..if he really wants to be involved with sports..I do have to think of head gear.  And some how I stumbled on this website..this is probably something I should get soon.  
It looks actually pretty cool considering ..not so bulky.  And I thought I should share this to all CI users or parents.

Tell me what you think???  I am tempted to buy this now because its such a low price..and if I want to wait in three years ..will it be still on the market? or will it cost more??? ugh.  Tough call!

By the way, our summer has been GREAT!!!  I will post more about this..we only came home for a day and now all the laundry is done.  We will be going back tomorrow again.