"Snow Girl" by Cory

This morning, Cory vetoed not to go to school.  He wants to play in the snow.  It's nice to have a day off.  He told me that he wants to make a snowman..ahem..sorry.  "Snowgirl" , he says.   
He asked to help to find some rocks, sticks, hat, and bra!   Excuse me? I said.."Bra..please?"  I had to giggle, "nooo you can't have that.."   He was begging.."mom, pleasssssssssssssse!"  "nooooooo, it's not inappropriate."  "pleaseeeeeeee mom, it's my snowgirl!".    we were arguing for about 10 minutes out there..he was getting little mad.  Our next door neighbour was shoving the driveway, he was laughing and watching us.  
Jeezzz..no way!
Here's the photo..


For "new" parents with child who have Hearing Loss..

It is GREAT that you can look up the internet and do lots of research to find out what's the best option for your child who have a hearing loss especially with early intervention, the sooner the better. I only can wish that there is plenty of time to allow us to make such huge decision.  I know it's a huge burden whether you made the best decision, who to listen?, who to ask? and what is best for your child?   At time, I felt like I had to make a quick decision base on whether Cory should get second CI..it is hard to have time allowing to process the "idea" but with early intervention, it is crucial to do it sooner..  You only have so little time to ask around, to do your own research, reading more into it etc.  I can feel the pressure that these parents had to go around..now I get it.
I can't believe how fast Cory has been growing up.  Feels like he was 2 yrs. and half when we got him and soon, he will be 4 yrs old in April.   wow..where did the time go?  I am not going to lie..it is hard work in the first 3 - 4 years with a child who have hearing loss.  THIS is the time to roll up your sleeves, and get involved.  Be the best advocacy for your child..ONLY YOU know the best for your child.  Just you! Good idea to get feedback and meet different people about this area.  Remember that it's the same as the world goes, everyone has a different opinion about certain things.  So this is where you have to figure out what is best for your child and your family.   I'm glad I made this decision not to go back to work full time so I can be there for my child during these years. 
Don't overdo with reading into things, looking up at internet too much and you can lose your sense of what to do along the way.  Don't read too much into things that are quite "oppression" or very against at one thing oppose to another.  If you can..try both way of communication and go along as your child grows, seems the best option so you can't just lose precious valuable time focusing on one way/one thing..speech or sign language.  If it is one way that doesn't work..then you have to catch up ( in sense of) trying a different approach.. it is hard.
I find it is the best to find out is finding the people who have experiences in these areas..mainly the "parents".  This is why it is so important to have a strong foundation of network among the parents to share their ideas, feedback, strengths/weakness etc.  It really helps..after all, every child is different. You can't make the child follow you but you can follow your child to make it successful by following their lead.


Christmas..in a nut shell!

Boy..it has been awhile.  We had a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL crazy busy Christmas..despite of being so busy..we kept God's in our spirits at all times!  That's what we try to teach Carrie-Anne and Cory that kind of thing.  It wouldn't be "Christmas" without God/Jesus..wouldn't it ?

Cory is such a social boy..he keeps us on our toes these days and company too! Such a character and has to be the "attention of the center" every where we go.  ha ha.  I had to laugh one night at my parents', he was literally climbing over my brother (payback time!) poking him, jumping him etc.  My brother did say one time look over at me " ha ha ha..I don't feel sorry for you".  Knowing what a busy boy he is..he, in fact, has been encouraging him few things!  ( but at the end before we left..he said "wow..he is lot of fun, I can see how it add "character" to our life."  Amen to that.
We had 6 Christmas dinner in 8 days..at least I don't have to cook.  But it was nice how we try to included Cory in all those gatherings and meeting everyone.   The best part is that he loves playing with his cousins, even though he may be the youngest but he really had them wrapped around their fingers.   I can't believed that I forgot to take a picture of all of them!!!
My few highlights with Cory during the holidays: talking about catching Santa on Christmas Eve..until I told him about the song "Santa's coming to Town.." (he knows when you're awake..etc.) 

Few days before Christmas, I finished the gift wrappings and put them under the tree..Cory woke the next morning and said "yayyyy! when he saw the gifts then ran to the stockings.  He got so upset.."OH NO!! Santa forgot!!"  LOL..had to explain that one!

In Candlelight service, he's pretending to be a fireman to hosed down all the candles.  I had to hold him down for that...
Christmas eve..putting out the cookies and milk for Santa..Cory's checking the chimney few times to make sure it's clear for Santa to come.  

Saying Grace at Christmas dinner " Bless this house, Bless this family and friends, Bless the Lord, (then he add a few more of his own..) Bless the boat, airplane, tiger..then Bless the food Amen. 

Making Christmas cookies cut outs..Cory saw how I put flour on counter to prevent sticking and rolled the dough on it..then the door bell rangs...after 10 minutes.  I went back..he has the flour all over my kitchen counters , EVERY one of the counters!!  oh boy! He also "fingerpainted" it as well.

New Year Eve..we had him napped for two hours instead of 30 minutes prior to dinner party..but he couldn't stay awake before 9pm.  LOL.  Nothing goes the way we had want to. 

At the hospital, we visited my Baba during the holidays, Baba got moved to new room with roommates.  There is one elder man who kept saying "come and talk to me" over and over again.  Finally I sic Cory over to him to "entertain him".  So needless, Cory did bit of dance, then robot walking over him and did "mocking" hello and show him a christmas card with kitten in it and told a story about it (make up..) but the man didn't say anything or acknowledge him...just stared at him blank point.  Finally, Cory came back and I just kinda of struggled this off.  But later, I found out from my mom when I told her about it.  My mom just laughed..but not really funny she said..but considering it is somewhat.  The elder man is BLIND!  no wonder!  Cory was quiet but very animated. 
Oh well..that is it for now.
Here's some pictures...
 Family Ukraine Dinner..(regrets Baba, my brother/wife and Aunt Eliza/Uncle Pat this year..)
 Traditional Christmas Eve present (only one!) the usual new pajamas!
 Cory's checking the chimney to make sure it's ok for Santa.
 Christmas morning..Cory in disbelief!!
 Big gift from the family..wooden castle with dragons and knights..
Carrie-Anne is doing the happy "dance"..a new stereo/ipod dock system!