This week and past week has been very interesting..Cory has been using his voice a lot more and has willing to go to preschool.  Sean watched him from a distance, Cory has been playing and socializing with other kids.  I know why...  Before Christmas holidays, he has been refusing to go to preschool and has been a miserable little ...it could be several factors like, "Christmas" , feeling overwhelming (time for a break), he wasn't happy about doing the Christmas Concert so that's where it kinda of all start.   and you know we lost the one to one worker for him this year.  They just decided to not continue with it for this school term.  (read my previous blog) and then he was down swirling from there and it was becoming a behaviour issues with him at school.   Not listening, uncooperative, yelling, hitting, grabbing, not sharing etc.  everything I can think of.   I'm sitting there and has been thinking for the past month.  Is it time to pull him out?   Maybe he is trying to tell me something..he told me that he doesn't like it there anymore.   and the last straw was that Christmas party there, he was crying and whining the whole time.  I thought ok that is it.  I was so ready to pull him out and start at BCF from there on.  He loves it there.   I think he feels safe and some sort of security there and the supports he can get from there.  So over the holidays, I have made several phone calls trying to find a different preschool for him. More of a Specialized preschool that ratio is smaller and teachers that have Special Needs licensing and there has to be more support for him with his needs.  nothing..no luck.   I have never been so frustrated in my life trying to find this placement for Cory.  I hope other parents will NOT have that problem.  I had to keep fighting for him    So here we are back to school, again, we try to get back to routine as it was and Cory has been ok so far.  PLUS, he has been using his voice so much that the teachers are noticing a big difference and a lot of interactions.  I'm like duh...think about it.   why this has happens? I SPENT hours of time with him over the holidays and we did a lot of interactions. (it's almost like one to one stimulation) so you can see why he needs that???? so we did a lot of stuff at home, I have been acting like his one to one , telling him this and that, play games, we did role playing, we did a lot of language interactions (and CA too) Sean has been working on his speech as well, more than he did before.  and look how much Cory has picked up on that for past two weeks over the holidays.   That's why he needs a one to one so he can get the stimulation he needs!! I was hoping that he would get that NOW so hopefully then he won't need it when he goes to school full time next year.