Too cute...Big sister and little brother love.

My daughter, Carrie-Anne just had a dental surgery today, pulled two teeth out (baby ones) to make room for new teeth to grow properly.   She came home looking like bit of chipmuck.  So cute!   (and funny thing, we stopped at Mac to get some slurpees, and unfortunately she couldn't "suck" the straw!! poor thing)  Anyway, Cory did noticed something..and CA is little embarrassed with the chubby cheeks.   She was bit sensitive about it..little teary.   She told Cory to go away..Cory doesn't understand what's happening.  So I told him what happened and then I showed him CA's pulled teeth.  He was saying "ewwwww" and took few steps back.  He said "worms!"  (we found bunches this morning..that is another story)  And asked CA to show her mouth..where the gaps are.   Cory was astonished!!  He did a double take and looked at the teeth again.  He then wanted to see her mouth again.  The look on his face is priceless..he asked CA "are you hurt? are you ok?" Then he told CA, "look I hurt too, pointed his surgery ear".  He ran and got some kleenex and wiped CA's eyes.  Gave her a hug, kiss, hug.  awww it was so sweet!!! I wish I had my camera!!!  They both were sitting and hugging each other.  I know they both will look out for each other forever...my heart sighed.  I hate to block out his face..can't wait when adoption is final.

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