Not prepared for "the outcomes" to come..

Day 5..after the surgery.  I would think things are going to be smooth and ..not.   It's a small thing..but as a mom..I think its more "upsetting" in sense that we are suppose to be "ok" with aftermath.  On Friday, we noticed that Cory had bit of bleeding in his ear.  It was mostly dried up.  But at least, one mom already warned me about this..so I was ok with it.   I'm so glad she did warned me because I would have been little upset.  I have took First Aid for years, years and anything that in "head" injury or a blow in the head and there's bleeding in ears or nose..sooo it means a red flag type of thing?   SO I just checked that out, knowing it was to be "expected".   HOWever, on Saturday, he had bit of bleeding nose, again it was dark red and it wasn't running down typically but it stayed there in his nose.   After that..nothing else more.  So I think the timing over the weekend is not so good..no one is there at BCCH (CI team) if we wanted to call and ask about it etc.  So we chalked this up as normal, I guess.   I think my stomach said otherwise..   
Today it happened again...we were on the way to PALS preschool.  And I asked two moms about it..no one is saying..GO to emergency!!! but it's something different for all of us.  Even with one therapist I asked..she isn't sure either.   So Sean called them this morning..and awaiting for them to call back...two hours later..we finally got the reassured that its ok..keep an eye on it and so on.  The nurse emailed me a "typical" nosebleed hand outs..Im like ??????!!!!!!   That kind of handout is something for my brother, who has nose bleeds many many times ..but this is different!  I even had to tell Sean a dumb question..does this nurse know that Cory just had surgery..in his "head"?????   I wasn't talking about a typical nose bleed! duh.

We just have to keep an eye on it for few days..He is going in on Wednesday for follow up anyway..so I could wait. Unless this guts tell me otherwise..if it happened again. 

Another thing, I got an email on Sunday morning from public nurse in Fraser Health. (didn't know they work on sunday????)  She sent me an urgent email that Cory's vaccination was little outdated! and she wanted him to come in asap for another Pneumo 23 vaccine.  Prior to before the surgery, Cory is supposed to have update with all vaccine PLUS double doses.   Then the nurse asked me when is he having surgery?  I was like !?!?!  are you kidding me???  Talk about my blood pressure...jeezzzz..the CI team was very strict with it and had to make sure its all covered and even they called the Public health and my doctor to make sure it's all updated BEFORE the surgery!  
How they just give him the expired one??   Sean called her and she said its probably ok..but just a precaution to give him another one.   MY doctor said no way...she refused to do it for third time around..so right now. I m sitting here and waiting to hear from CI nurse from BCCH to let me know what the verdict is.

Happy Monday huh???


  1. Wow I'd be very upset about the whole vaccine thing, thats not funny!

  2. tell me about it!! I still haven't heard back yet from BCCH!!!!! ugh