Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...

I am using bit of calendar system with Cory..but I forget to follow up each time, because right now, we are soo busy.  We are leaving this Saturday for Disneyland!!!!!!!!  AND my brain is screaming to get things packed, pick up certain items we need, making sure we get proper letters from the MCF in ensure that Cory will be travelling with us (Permission letter), passport etc.   Plus got a call from BCCH about second CI, trying to book a date..apparently we have a bit of setback because Cory didn't get all his vaccine, we are missing one!!!! ughhhh!!!  I made it very clear at the time of his second dose of vaccine in August about that.  But apparently they only gave him one type instead combine two that they originally supposed to.  I am not sure why they didn't.  UGhhhhhhh.  So right now, I am trying to figure out whether to get it done NOW before we go or wait until we come back.  I am awaiting to hear back from BCCH about that advice because we don't know what are the complications would it be and if there is one..I don't want that to ruin his holiday and end up in hospital in LA.    I am very disappointed with this setback..but oh well.   
Cory has been asking for school daily, so I am using "Monday, you go to school, so today is not Monday.  Today is Friday, showing the calendar, No school  with big X each day..three sleeps then school.  Keep it simple but repeat repeat..I figured it will take a while for him to figure out how calendar works daily.   On Sunday, he asked "school?" I said no..today its Sunday, we go to church.  Tomorrow, is Monday, we go to school."   Monday morning, he asked me "today's Monday?"  I said "yes.."  Then he said "school today!!"  I'm like yes yes yes!!!!!   So now we talked about Tuesday, Wednesday is school days.   As for Disneyland,  we showed pictures on the internet and our old photos of Disneyland.  Sign for "D" and Mickey mouse ears on top of head...  Cory said "biggggggg park.."    we will go on Saturday..showed him the calendar again..how many sleep? etc.   Today,  He told the receptionist today before we were leaving preschool.  I told Cory, "Tell her where are we going on holidays (airplane)?"  He told her "Disneyland, big park ..on Saturday!!"  He said "Saturday!!"   IMPRESSIVE..
There is this book, one of my favorite.."Cookie Week..its about the Cat and days of the week."  That is one book you can introduce the concepts of days.  
Anyway, I better go pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Have a great Spring Break!  Won't hear from us in a while.   Hugs to all.   Will we survive the "toddler" experiences during our holidays?  we'll see, I know it will be interesting.  But that is why I craved "spice in my life"..and love it!


  1. I hope you have a great time! I would NOT be getting any vaccines done before an out of town trip!! That would be terrible if he had a reaction and could get expensive too!!

  2. I agreed! Especially that we are don't know Cory fully yet..to know how it can impact him differently than us.