Disneyland.."The Happiest Place on the Earth"...only for a short time! LOL

We're back!  What a trip.  I am so glad we went..(I wasn't sure it was a good idea to go ..since Cory is tad too young and it's too soon..and etc etc..bunch of excuses.)  I thought..come on lighten up..just go and make the best of it.   Well, it was surreal..I feel that the past week, it was a blur but full of memories.  I don't know where to start.   With a toddler, it was pretty good at the beginning, Cory loves the airplane, taking off and landing. He did well for sitting still for almost three hours...without using special stuff in his backpack.   Not bad!!!!!!!!!   Kids were tired on first day arriving since we had to get up early morning.  So CA took an advantage of our hotel Water park, pirate boat, with dumping big bucket, waterslides etc.  The weather was cold and wet first day and the rest it was great! I hear that this week it will be a lot hotter so I'm thankful for just right weather!  We went Disneyland for four days, and it covered all of it in almost two days.  On the third day, we went to California Park, and then by the fourth day, Cory didn't want to go on any more rides except Train.  And of course, he came down with a nasty cold and didn't sleep too well for few days.  So you guess it, we had a very cranky kid on the last few days.  Poor guy..and I couldn't NOT let him go to the water park.  So we just had let him have fun and deal with his cold somehow...the flight home was the worst! Oy..it was my turn to sit with him..and he was screaming and crying. I knew that he really needs a nap so I wait for the seatbelt light to go off so I scooped him up and held him.  He was screaming and screaming, as I encouraged him to go to sleep while holding him.  And five minutes later, he stopped fighting with me and fell asleep.   My husband did thought I should leave him alone but after ten minutes of crankiness and I knew that he is tired.   I decided to ignore my husband's questioning..and took a chance.  Of course, I held him for a hour and half..my arms were killing me.  LOL.   But then I really had to go (bathroom) so I tried very carefully to put him down on the seat.  He woke up few minutes later.  Oh well.  He was in a better mood but he didn't want to be in the seat anymore.   He took off the seat belts few times, and finally I had to tell the flight attendant to tell him that he needs to keep it on.  And sure enough, it works. Cory finally did kept it on. 

We did had few CI moments..one is that since it's a first experience for him.  Our first ride was the Snow White adventure..and he was a little bit freaked out and I am not sure if its because of the sounds or the ride.  So I tried to imagine what it is like for him.  Maybe it was too much especially at this level where he is starting to experience "sounds" so the next ride was Peter Pan Flight.  I decided to turn off the CI Processor and let him experience one sense at a time.  He didn't want to go on..and he got bit upset. I told him that it is ok.  and we are right beside you.   And it went well.   And later, we would go back to that ride again with CI on..and it went much much better.  So overrall, luckily I do remember all those rides so if its something I can imagine a 3 yrs old can feels..turn off one sense (the CI) so its not "overload" his feelings.  For the rest of the day, it went well.  I dare not to go to Haunted Mansion for Cory.  But we did tried Pirate of the Cariberran..that might be bit too much for Cory.  At the end of the ride, we got off the boat, Cory was like panting very hard and was showing a big relief on his face.   It was so funny.   I am little surprised that he is bit scared or seems to understand the real fear of pirates.  I didn't think he would fully understand what pirate really is.   The next day, we wanted to go again..Cory didn't want to.  He has amazing recall of things, and he said "No pirates!!!!" and Sean thought nahhhhh he doesn't understand so we all went ahead and stand in line.  Cory sure enough did start bawling and pointing to the door.  So they didn't go..CA and I went again.   Each day, he does a huge full blow of language of overall experiences that he did daily.  Non stop talkings and using imaginations etc.  I regret one thing..not showing him enough Disney movies so he would take a personal note with some of the characters. 

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