ITs' done!

It's official! Cory now is registered to hearing preschool, near our home.  (The Biggest Little Preschool).  I hope I made the right decision.  Today, I had to leave him there to see how he fares without me/support. (that part was easy..ha ha)   Apparently, the teachers are content enough to accept him and told us that he can start in January!  It makes me a little sad in sense.  This decision is really tough for me, I have wondered if this is right for him or not.  Really, I feel like I am missing that "step" in direction by putting him in hearing preschool whereas I wish he could stay in specialized preschool for early interventation and readiness BEFORE he move on to that next level.  Unfortunately, it's not the case.  I hope he won't far behind and be able to meet the same as his peers.  (No ..I do NOT expect him to be exactly the same as his peers..I expect that , yes.) but I do not want him to get too "behind" with his developments of all areas.   That is the only concern I had for him. Ideally, I had hope he would be staying in his current program and work really hard and be ready for the "next" level by Sept. 2011.  Things didn't go as we originally thought, so hopefully, we'll find this preschool a great chance for Cory to grow and learn more.  
We have a few things to do before his enrollment or rather during the first month of it , is to provide services for the center to help Cory with classroom settings.  His speech therapist will meet up with the teachers and give a mini workshop to explain about Cochlear Implants  "Do's and Don'ts" etc and how it works etc.  Things like The importance of classroom settings for the children with hearing loss, try to reduce noise backgrounds, how to give visual aids, how to use FM (still working on it to get one!) and how to use tactics for communications etc.   Make sure where he sits, (central) beside kids who are good examples (quietest ones) teacher not to sit behind a window, using pointer and pictures and so on.  We try to teach them how to make things easier for kids so they are part of the program.  (not become isolated)  And also, get a sign language instructor to come in as well, to give them the basics ECE vocabulary signs for a hour and talk about what is like having hearing loss, (she have hearing loss herself) and another day, she can come in for a day to "mentor" the teachers through the classroom time, providing several signs needed to know etc. 
I have some few ideas to help and give support for Cory, he will need.  One of the idea I have is to take a photo of each kids and paste them on a wall on a poster and in his home book.  So it will help him to make friends by practicing their names.  His homebook will be something I will start , teacher can write briefly with how he do that day, what do we need help with etc?  What he learn that day so I can follow up on that at home to give him that extra "feeding" of learning.  SO he won't miss out too much or get behind ..
Once we do all that, I will feel more at content and relieved that Cory is receiving the best care and support from the people who will be working with him and for him.   It doesn't mean I won't be stopping being the advocacy "mom" , I will always be there for him. 


It is nice to hear..

You know how we are custom to life everyday and not really noticed little things what our kids do or how they grow? Well, my parents were away in mid October and came back last week..and they hasn't see the kids for about a month and week.   They couldn't believe how big CA is getting, personality changing (ya attitude!) and mannerisms etc.   And they do noticed how Cory has changed as well, his increasing vocabulary with speech and non stop "talking" these days.  Yes, they do noticed that his speech needs some work but he is saying lots of words.  STOP! I am not seeing it!!!! huh??? is it me ? did I miss something here? Or it is because I'm with Cory daily and not really see the "BIG" difference from the time when my parents were away?  Honestly, I have been bit tad worried about the progress Cory is making with his speech..it seems not happening enough I would thought. 
I am happy to tell you, that now Cory is starting to enjoy, appreciate music these days..so its a good step in direction. 
Tomorrow, we are visiting the Biggest Little Preschool, this time I have to leave Cory on his own (while I wait in the church foyer) and they wanted to see how he managed without me.  ha ha..I tell you, last week (they didn't see) but Cory did said to me "bye bye mom...go home".   SO no problem in that area. 



whew..lots of happenings in our life right now.  I will try my best to give you the updates short version anyway.
My Baba is in the hospital for past two weeks, I have been juggling with no so my free time to accomodate her when I can.  Sean and I barely seen each other these days.  When he get home, I rush out to see her!  It is hard to not to be able to do anything but just be there.  I just hold her hands all the times.  Sometimes while she is sleeping, I just had to touch her on her feet but I forget how ticklish she is!  Baba isn't getting better..no much improvement.  My brother, Rob and wife came for the weekend to give us a break..it was a huge relief. I really did need a break.  Juggling work, two kids, CA's soccer and Cory's therapys.  AND now that mom and dad are finally flew home eariler than planned.  Its a huge burden off my shoulder. 
We didn't get the puppy, the breeder turn us down (ya we were supposed to get it past Saturday, after visiting two weeks ago..apparently we weren't "ready" and needless to say, I got a little freaked out when the puppies start pooping at the same time!!! oy oy..and some of them were gonna eat it! Im like ewwwwwww!  So I had to call for help!  The breeder wasn't impressed..she told me that it is ok for them to eat it.  I had NO idea that is ok.   HOW am I suppose to know?   Plus when we went to visit her..we asked to come in the morning but she wanted us to come in afternoon..so needless Cory missed his nap and he was so cranky, uncooperative and mischievious so she wasn't impressed with him and how I had to sat on him literally so I can focus on the puppies and her.    Oh well..the timing wasn't great with soccer still in season and Christmas is coming.  Originally, we ask for one in last Spring/Summer while I was off work..

Soccer..CA's team is doing so well that we are starting to win all the games..and CA did hurt her knee, it was scary.  CA couldn't walk on the way home with it. And she was out of soccer for about a week and half then I finally got the ok from the Specialist.  He thinks she may have dislocated her knee in sense that it popped right back so maybe a little minor injury but seems healing as we speak.   She went back playing once again..we lost that one game when she didn't play..(CA is a defender..) so they couldn't hold it.   Coach is so happy that she is back.  Me too!

Now for Cory!..we have been going nuts here with him , he is into everything these days.  Good and bad..like a "typical" boy, he is just being a boy!  I thought I'm not gonna sweat over it ..what I can't see, can't hurt me that kind of thing.   We finally found a preschool for him!! I'm so excited but yet..I am wondering making the right decision. Its about 5 minutes away and near Sullivans area.   (The Biggest Little Preschool).   We went to try it out today to see how it goes.  I think the teachers are overly impressed with him..they did looked worried about him because he has hearing loss etc..but once Cory showed how he functions and follow through everything .  One thing though, it was interesting to see..the classroom is very noisy..at all times, circle time, sometimes noisy, kid beside him were banging his boots together in rhythm, a girl beside him was talking all the times,  even though the teacher did tell her to shush few times.    To me..that is chaos..from a hearing loss persceptive!!!  I almost wanted to tell those kids to be quiet because its hard to hear but these kids are so used to it and it's something they custom to it everyday so they can still "hear" what is going on.  So at least, I get that..  what Cory really needs is FM system for that classroom especially for the teacher to use so it would be ONLY the teacher that Cory will hear during structure time.
I am really working on getting the FM system for Cory.  MCF might pay for some..not all..and I'm at loss. I 'm not sure how or who will pay for FM??   EHP did pay for them before for parents but now the funding for that has been cut two years ago.   What a timing!  Got to be a way of getting the government to pay for it..its an essential!!   Cory is more likely to start the new preschool in January, although they did say that he can start asap but Sean and I opt to wait until the Christmas festivals and such to be finished first.  They are doing bunch of stuff..so we don't want to overwhelmed him.  Best to start fresh in January. if all goes well.  He will still go to BCF on Mondays/Wednesdays, so he will get the best of both!
Anyway, that is what is going on with us these days.   Christmas is coming.....that is another story.


Monkey See, Monkey Do!|

ugh..in the past two weeks, Cory has been acting up, picking up little things that I never see him do.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to watch him in the class without him knowing that I`m there.  I saw him do things that was inappropriate and acts up.   It was hard to watch because no one really discipline him or take it seriously.  (Maybe I am too serious...)  But these little things, he did that at home and I didn`t find that funny at all.  (like throwing things, running around the room, kicking the table and playing `hitting` friends beside him.)   I keep thinking its the aftermath of `Halloween` and now its week two, and it hasn`t mellowed down yet.  Yet, at the same time, there are two new boys in the class who are doing those behaviours, I had my AH HA moment yesterday, seeing that they are doing that and Cory is naturally copying their behaviours!!!! ugh ugh! They started about two weeks ago.  Maybe it is easy to point fingers and blamed them but ONE thing I know about Cory.  HE is so visual , he picks on this visually and does thing the same.  `Monkey see, Monkey do`...its a good thing to have because he is watching EVERYTHING!!! but yes, it can be a bad thing.  I decided to keep looking for another preschool for him.  So he`ll have the best of both but he needs to see how other kids act too.
I noticed one thing, I think he is getting bored because all he does is wait and wait for the instructs to go but teachers are busy dealing with kids who are not cooperate and he get tired of waiting and start to act up?


Halloween..hate them or love them

At first, I was dreading it because I'm overwhelmed with this "behaviour" that Cory shows in the last few days, I don't know if its "sugar" allergy or it just overall, "excitement".  sighhhh. 
At preschool, we practiced Trick or Treating..that is one idea I hate over the years because its so crazy..and seems kids are all over the place and too many adults surrounding.  And it's hard to follow up if kids are actually saying "trick or treat" etc.   So I took in stride to step in to stand beside Cory to practice..and you can barely hear him saying it..or did he say it??? who knows?  but the idea is to.."Knock, knock..wait then when door open..say "trick or treat" etc..and say thank you.   Needless, after that was over, I was sporting a headache.  It was so loud and crazy.  I can see the looks from other parents.."this is too much..crazy!" (in other words "is it worth this?" 

But...when we got home.  It looks like he got the idea! He wanted to go out that night but it wasn't Halloween yet ..not until few days.  Groan..he has been somewhat little impatience over it and driving us crazy.  I couldn't wait to put the decorations away!!   lol.   The night of Halloween, we went before dark..so he is not too scared, last year we waited until dark and he was too scared.  So we just went to few houses and YES, he did it!  He went up to the door and said "trick or treat!!" and said thank you after.  I was so proud of him! Yes, at times, I would think some ideas at preschool may be not worth it..but it is.  Believe it or not..it does help and made a difference!
  All by himself!!!!  Remember, a word to the wise..practice, practice, modelling, show and tell etc..it really helps kids to understand more with specific things.