Fast Learner..

We tried before..but he didn't have that concept..but for the past week, the girls (CA and her friends has been using it) Cory just watched them doing it..and finally he tried it yesterday and did it!! He is a natural and fast learner..among with everything else!  Other day, he came down and he already put together his CI, taking it out of battery charger, put it together, screwed it on and put it on all by himself!  I was like ????? wow.  I will try to videotaped that! We showed it once to him about 1 month ago but I realized that he is still too young because he kept on pushing all the buttons and it just changed the program etc.http://youtu.be/lbuhoNmQtss   

2nd Cochlear Implant user after 6 months switched on..

It has been bit over a year since his second implant, I finally found this video and got it up load onto this.  So this is very good results for him for being able to hear with the second one ONLY.  At to THIS date, he is hearing the SAME as his first one and is doing very well.  http://youtu.be/0s6TpFiMYEc
See the video yourself!


Good Bye Mrs. Mandy & Mrs. Margaret & Miss Lacey! (at Cory's community preschool)

 This is Margaret and Mandy.  (Don't know the other little boy..but he wants to be in the picture too!)

His one to one Support Worker; Miss Lacey. We were blessed to have her!

I don't think it has "hit" Cory's yet...today it is his last day of school.  He saw all the little gifts for teachers today and said "Teachers' birthdays!!"  I tried to explain to him that its a good-bye gifts for them and it's last day...I'm not sure if he gets it!   But you can see how he watched today with everything unfolds, kids saying good byes to teachers, taking pictures and they gave Cory's a little present.  It should be interesting how he reacts by next week, he knows today is "Thursday" and there is no school typically until Monday.  I had to do the "calendar" today and I didn't put the picture of schools in it for next week..so we'll see how things go with using the calender system for Cory.  I'm trying to put in as much as I can for July and August with our plans so he can see it's summer. And show him that school starts again in Sept...


It was nice to see a group of kids with hearing loss for Cory to have.   We had a family picnic day there and it was not too bad!  I did expect more parents to come but maybe it's the weather. It was kinda of bit cold but dry!   The funny thing is after two hours, I was shivering and couldn't wait to get into the truck and had my heat on full blast!  Then when we reach Cloverdale on the way home, it was 10 degree warmer than Vancouver!!!! No wonder, we didn't really prepared for this weather out there! 

He passed another swimming class!

Well, it has only been a month since he passed first level of preschool and now he passed 2nd one into level 3!  I can't help wondering if it is because of wearing his CI in the water really helps him move along faster and really do the tasks that he was told to?   who knows? but I know I won't be allowing him to wear it in Preschool 3..because that is where he will be submerging the water more now and "actually" swimming on his own.   Yes I have been using ziplog mini snack bag AND swim cap! And afterward, I always check to see if any water have come in..nothing.   Part of the reason is that Cory hasn't really submerge and stay there , he just go and come up fast. 
There is one time that I forgot his cap and he didn't wear the CI during lesson time, he was really distracted and wasn't following through the class.  So it really does makes a difference!!!!  When we are at our pool over the weekend, Cory doesn't use his CI but we forget that he doesn't have it on! ugh. We tried to call him or talk to him etc..but end up chasing him or walking over to get his attention!  So much for relaxing with a book over the summer by the pool!..(not that I was gonna completely ignore him and get too involved with a book)   But I have to put the book down several times and walk over or wave my arms to get his attention!  Thank god, I can sign with him to tell him "not to do that" if he get into mischief or be able to communicate with him without his CI!  I can't imagine for other CI kids not knowing sign languages during those times! Summer fun is all about water play, beach, pool and sprinklers! 


Monkey see, Monkey do..found a way to keep him out of mischief!

He loves to help around the house..so if I'm vaccuuming, I would let him take a turn..he loves it.   He would help me washes the dishes..(why couldn't my daughter do that????)  He would take the clothes out of dryer, pick up weeds, sweep the deck and so on.   No it's not perfect but it's better than nothing! and I find that he is not so mischievous these days.   He wants to do what daddy is doing..so one Saturday morning.  Sean was shaving..and I thought it would be great to take out his shaving kit that he got for Christmas!  It was so cute~
The downside is..he is bit too helpful though, he would go ahead and help himself certain tasks when it's not time to do it or go into cupboards that it's not safe for him to go help himself. 
Like the RAID can..other day, I found bunch of baby spiders in front entrance, I had to get rid of them because I do not want webs all over the front door.  So I got a can of RAID to kill them.  AND Cory wants to try it and I said no. It's not safe for you .  Don't touch.  So I put it up on shelf for the time being..and sure enough, he climbed up and took it and he literally SPRAYED himself in the face! It was so close , narrowly missed his eyes !!  He was so surprised and really didn't like the taste and the smell of it.  He was screaming and crying..I told him that is poison, it kills bugs that we don't want.  At least, he is still alive..lol.  

Hands and Voice Picnic 2011

We really enjoyed the gathering on Saturday..for the first time, I was feeling at content where and who we are..no specific communication method nor feeling bias..  it was nice to see everyone accepting everyone who they are.   This is type of organization we need to have for parents of hearing loss kid. (without feeling so separate from one type of communication method to another or specific gathering of organization.)  Although, we are lucky to have Cory's ability to use his voice and sign as well.
The weather was good to us..the rain held out for us so we were able to play in park.  There was potluck, games, crafts, balloon makings, face painting and such.   I was fortunate enough to meet other families, especially with finding a friend for Cory with same age!!!  For the last two years, we weren't able to find one for him ..it was either one year too old, or one year too young!  And this family lives in Cloverdale!! Not too far from us.  I hope that the boys will go to same school together..but wait and see.   It's only another year anyway..a lot can happen.