More stories..(catching up..) Spring Break

Because of all this, BCCH, CI surgery etc..I barely had a chance to catch up.   Today we are going back to BCCH for follow up.  Cory's new CI arrived today (to update his old one), what a timing! 
Remember about our little incident that Cory ends up at the hospital, and got some stitches.  Now, the day of our flight, we had few more to add..
My dad offered to drive us to the airport at wee morning..and naturally, Sean locked up the house and off we go!   AT the airport, we got through some security, got the flight tickets etc..then we got a phone call!  My dad couldn't get into our house!!  (to pick up our dog, Pepper) We had some new keys made for security reasons..and Sean swears that there is one secret key in our garage.   My dad couldn't find it.    Naturally, I thought Sean would pass on his keys when we left.   
Sean had to call a locksmith..a friend of ours, luckily for us, he was home at the time.   And in the meantime, we were in shopping area, killing time and bought few things for the plane ride.   Cory was with me, he got bored waiting at the cashier.  He told me " daddy, pointing" and was walking over.  I told him ok..go see daddy (he was on the phone..) and I made an eye contact with Sean.."cory".   After five minutes, I paid and left.   CA asked me..where is Cory?  I told her that he is with daddy.   And I looked over..and I didn't see Cory anywhere near him.    My heart STOPPED!!!!!!    I ran over and asked Sean "where is Cory?"   he was still talking on the phone.   Sean thought Cory was with us.   We quickly looked around us and the area, went back to the store.  Nothing!  Then I started to call him..but duh..he is deaf!  He won't be able to hear me calling him ..its too noisy and big surrounding.  Then we all started looking for him...after about 5 minutes..nothing.  I started to panic..it was the worst feeling in the world!   Security came and help us looking for him.   Another 5 minutes, We went down further and further...and someone found him!  A lady with a little girl was towing Cory and was looking around to see if someone could claim him.   Boy..I was so relieved, scared, mad and happy.   Cory was just happily wandering around .  I can't believe how far he went..passed about five stores, at the end of food fair from where we were! whoa!   I thanked the lady profoundly and went to tell everyone that Cory was found!   He knews that I was furious for wandering off..I just said NOTHING to him..I was too upset to say anything.   We went back to our waiting area.  I sat him down and told him to STAY there.  Until I was calm again...what an ordeal!    First the ambulance ride, hospital, stitches, Pepper locked out of the house..and this.  "   Talk about feeling stressed huh..and our vacation hasn't started yet!

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