GOT A call!!! From BCCH

Talk about uncanny ...I mentioned few days ago that I was feeling disencouraged with this so long delay..and was starting to wonder if this is not meant to be.
Got a call..Sean did actually.  They emailed me and when I didn't respond (because we were in USA for few days of Spring Break), and they finally called Sean.   Sean gave them go ahead..and I was little numb, to be honest.   I have lot of mixed feelings about this..I do KNOW one thing..its the best thing for Cory.  It's for HIS FUTURE, no doubts about it.   Sean promised me one thing...allow some flexibilities for Cory when he wants to wear his CI or not.  But there are certain times that he has to wear it..for his benefits.  I think we probably will be the most laid back family when it comes to having an CI kid.   Cory will always be deaf, he is in fact, IS DEAF without them.  So he always will use sign language, its part of our life anyway.  I like knowing that we are empowering that choice for him and he will choice what he wants to do when he get older.
The date for Surgery is this Wednesday.  Honestly, I am little terrified. I am a little surprised with my emotion, I know as a teacher, it's something that I would say to all parents, "he/she will be fine..it will be a breeze.  etc"   And now the shoe is on the other foot...
The timing couldn't be worse..CA has a dentist appointment that morning (can't postponed it..as it was already postponed twice..) the dentist said she really needs to follow up, its long overdue.  And CA has that piano exam (already paid the fee) and plus soccer tryouts for both Wednesday and Thursday evening.  Oy!  At least, Sean already requested for a day or two off.  Sean is more likely will be taking Cory to the hospital while I'm CA's side kick through the day.  She really wants me to be there for her.   This is one of those day, where I wish I could split myself and be there for both kids.  I know I am HORRIBLE with waiting..and have no patience.  Best thing for me is to be "busy"..but I want to be there so bad to be with Cory through this major surgery. 
I was told that it will take a week for recovery..I look forward spenting every minutes with Cory during that time.  

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  1. Eileen says: "Yes Sean is a great DAD for taking a few days off from work to support his little son for the surgery and this way, you can be there for CA. She really counts on you too. Cory will breeze through this surgery just fine. I am so glad that Cory got the chance to have- both experiences: the Deaf signing part and then the hearing world with the CI. I am all for it and he will have a blessed life for sure. When he gets older, he will have choices and he will probably thank you BIG for it. Thats how I feel now, having the best of both worlds, the signing and the CI. I am just blissed out and it is the right choice for myself. "