Forgot to mention..the NIGHT before our flight..

Hi..I have several people asking me what happened????? We were already on the way to LA so I promised to explain when we get back.
On Friday (the night before our flight), Cory was on the bathroom counter and somehow lean forward (was he trying to jump off? ) and fell right on his chin, so he was out of it.  Like got knocked out cold..CA didn't know that he was out of it, she tried to pick him up but he was flopping around like a doll.  The minute I saw all the blood, I knew that he must have fell hard.  One word, CA said "he was on the counter"...I knew it was something I had to take action.  I immediately took a hold of his neck and support him as much as I can and lay him down. At the same time, had to use a cloth to stop the bleeding, took a bit to figure out where it came from.   I did a body scan from head to toe, checking to see if any other injuries.  He was like very sleepy and yawning.  I told him to stay awake and try to talk to me.   CA ran and called 911.  It seems the best course to do because I can't drive him to the hospital without letting him go (bleeding and supporting his neck)   I was more scared than anything about his neck because from the primary scene, he fell and landed on his chin, therefore there is a possible neck injury how it can be tilted by from impact.    The neighbours were bit concerned to see the ambulance and fire trucks at our house.   On the way, Cory was awake and was fighting to get those straps off and bawling.  Plus his "colors" came back normal.  Then I had a HUGE relief, knowing that he is acting normal by crying and moving.    The ENT said I did a great job doing all that and giving them the information and doing all the primary and secondary actions.   I couldn't help feeling little foolish if I was premature with calling 911 or not?   He said yes..I did the right thing.  So overall, the bleeding was taken care of with two stitches and Cory was asking for food and drink.  After four hours since the incident, we finally got home and I had to start packing!!!!!  I thank you all the neighbours for their concerns and love.   I know we have a "boy" so I am prepared for more injuries to come..typical!


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