IT"S OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT's done!  It's OFFICIAL!  The Adoption Order came through!  Cory now is CORY JAKE JACKSON!!!   I'm teary as I write this...finally, this came through.   We are so excited ...after long waiting for almost 10 months!!     The delay is getting a birth certificate because he is not from this province..so we hope to get some paper works from their government and get the balls rolling to start to apply for birth certificate under OUR names.  Then Passport, then Nexus!!!  
One more week..should be able to get them then.  
Well..It's our boy now.  Cory, you are home now. 


  1. Congratulatons to the Jacksons - all four of you! :)

  2. Congratulations everyone! I am so happy for you all! I am honoured to have followed you from start to finish! Welcome to your family Cory!

  3. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! A celebration dinner is in order!!!

  4. Oh congrats so happy for you and your family!