Yup..I said it before..and for sure it's true.

It's true.. I keep thinking Cory is an alien from outer space.  (Not that I'm a believer of UFO and jumbo mumbo stuff)   He is so corny and strange..doing strange things.  Making faces, lots of facial expressions, body language, playing weird things, pretending strange thing...things that he comes up and I would be sitting there going..is this normal?   Is it a boy thing?

I had to ask my girlfriend, other day..when she was here.  I asked her if this is normal.  She said yup.  This?  Yup..what about this?  yup, yup, yup..all normal..and it's a boy thing.
I am so used to having a girl..my daughter.  She doesn't do those strange things.
She pointed out that when she has her boys..(she has three..) I was bit taken back by their "wildness" and behaviours.  (Not that they were bad or horrible..) but rather it was little different and ideas etc.   I would try NOT to comment too much about her boys at the time.  She would reminded me how I did...:(    Now I wish I took that back.  I had no idea that's the way boys are.  LOL.

Still strange...

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