It`s harder than I thought..

I dread doing this..but it forces me to try door to door asking for pledges/donations to collect for WALK-A-THON this Sunday for Cory and all his friends at BCFamily Hearing Resource Society.  I think everyone is a little dry these days..thanks to the economy, government, cutbacks, HST to come, and so on.   I have met a few that tells me that they are not working, or they already did the `walk a thon`too or just had donated to other society that are desperately need some money too.   I wanted to fight back and say..hey this is important..but ..everything else is important too!!   I think we (the world) are seriously in trouble with `cash flow` economy..seems endless cycle...pay taxes, need more money, spend money..not enough, taxes more, cutbacks..doesn`t make sense doesn`t it?
It came to a realization that I, myself as a parent, just have to work harder and step up on my role not just a parent but an advocate to try to increase more awareness with the needs of children with hearing loss.   Just like any other society..maybe we are taking things for granted..and expect the government or organizations to do our `works`that we expect them to do for our children ?? 

I got one goal in mind..maybe it`s not the $1500.00 that I originally set myself for, but now it is for myself.  To increase the awareness and be a stronger advocate, and try to help out the needs for those children who need speech/language/communication and group therapys so when they get older, they will have that opportunity to be part of this world, not to be isolated.  Once I completed the 3km, I will set that goal...
I say ``Bring it on!!!!!``

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