Little too extreme???

Lol..I had to laugh when I type this.."little too extreme?"..It can happen..it's almost the same saying if "I told you go jump off the bridge..you go do it?"
Yesterday, after supper we wanted to go outside.  Both CA and I were done with dinner, we wanted to grab that more opportunity to play outside.  Cory didn't finish his milk yet..so I was telling him..hurry drink your milk..drink it all etc.  Then I said and gestured "drink your milk, clug it down" like put your cup to mouth and tilt your head to "clug" it down quickly.  It was ONLY a figure of speech...guess what happened?   Yup, you guess it!  Cory actually did that, the glass was 3/4 of milk and he went straight up.  The milk came out all over his face, his eyes, nose and mouth were covered with milk.  It was hilarious!  He got drenched!  Opps!  I have to be careful with what I said and my action.   I almost wanted to say duh!...hello???  
It is amazing how much he really does watch in extreme in terms of languages/actions.  I love it!

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