those "assessments"...speech/language

I don't know if there is a time when it's impossible to keep up??? You may feel the same as me... I do want to hear from all of you if that what you feel???
Part of working with Cory's speech/language development, you have to keep tracks of words that he signs (first part) but now then you have to keep track of words that he says..at first it's easy to notice what he has been saying something new.  But up to this point..forget it..I can't be running off all the times to write it down ..its impossible!  Too many to count up to per day!!   It's a hopeless task..I don't know if it is just me being too lazy or too busy.  Seriously..if it's up to me..I would be going back and forth every five minutes to write down what he say.   Is there a point of not doing it anymore???  Do I have to keep doing it????  I am wondering how far do we go from there?    I feel it's so silly to do this..but I know it's important.  I rarely have time for that.   Maybe that is something I need to talk to Cory's speech therapist..time for that checklist type so I can do it manually than write down all the words???

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