Today we had to go for more mappings..up to this point. I am getting tired of it.  We were stuck in the traffic all way from 56th before Alex Bridge. UGH..I did at point, thought about turning around and go home.  But I thought about how others who had to go in a great length of distance to come to BCCH for their CI kids as well..like Kelwona, Prince George etc.  I'm lucky enough to be that close enough.  I have one dream..is that to have a Cochlear Services in Surrey!!! It would be so much easier for all these families who lives on the "South" side..I wonder if we could gather up all these parents and fight for one???

Anyway, today I had to share with audiologist, B about how I noticed lately, in the past week.  (last mapping appointment was in April 29th..so about a month ago)  Cory has been wearing it at most times (the 2nd one) and still favor the first one at all times.   We are not pushy with whether he choose to wear it or not.  Most of the times, he takes it off when playing outside.  Occasionally, he does take it off or doesn't want back on (after nap) by late afternoon.   Anyway, I noticed that he has been forgetting to put the coil magnet back on when it falls off with second one.  Over the weekend, he left it at the deck and didn't bother to give it to me or make a notice of it.   Boy, I had to give him heck for that.  But he was astonished..it's almost like he didn't know!  Same thing, happened again yesterday, when we were in pharmacy, awaiting to pick up our prescription.  We were just strolling around and then came back around.  His CI was right there in front of me, laying on the floor!  I couldn't believe it!  Thank god..

It came to a conclusion that Cory was so used  to wearing the 2nd one that it is not really "noticable" for him compares to the first one.  (with loudness, sounds)  Thus, with the first one, if coil magnet falls off, he noticed it right away and put it back on himself. 

Today, we had it adjusted and he was hearing the different sounds and even the Ling sounds.  When B, she told him, now that it's time to turn it on.  And Cory made a priceless face, it was more of "whattttt is that??????"  yuck!!!   He said it's different.   At least, this time he wasn't disappointed like he was last time. :)    He asked for ABC board again, and sound it out with alphabet.  I noticed how he really tried to experiment the sounds with 2nd one.  It was interesting to see, for a kid at this age, really grasps at this.  Amazing.  He even made some faces how he tried to mimic sounds with his own voice.  It's like "that is not my voice?"    So it is true..at this stage.  Wearing his 1st and 2nd is not at the same level yet.  

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