Mimic sounds..drives me crazy!!

Lately, I have noticed sounds that are happening surrounding me..and thinking it's real!  For instance, I was driving along and I heard car beeping sounds which I am quite familiar with it.  I checked my dashboard to see what it was..nothing.  I heard it again..I looked again..low gas? signal left on? etc.  Nothing.  I'm thinking ..that is odd.  Then I heard it again!  I feel like I'm going crazy..what is it??? Should I pull it over in case?  So I did and then I heard it again.  I realized something..I turn to look at Cory..and he was making those sounds! Perfectly clear!!  omg...I almost NOT believe it..it sounds exactly!  (yes..I do tend to leave signal lights on often..or if I don't wear seatbelts (from home to CA's school) when I do a quick trip.  He can mimic those sounds! I kid you not.   I realized that today at the BCCH..finally I was right!   During mappings, Cory was asked to listen to the various of sounds..from low to high pitch.  And he mimic most of them.  His audiologist was astonished!! it was so neat.  It is something I never could do ..
Cory, cut it out!  NOT in the car!  LOL..I will never know whether it was him or the car these days!

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