This is so sad.....

JUST IN...I found the video..plus more.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W1qOQXeHrc  this will show Emma`s protests.

I don't know if you have heard about this news..this little girl is forced to wear both her CI's because the court ordered her to.   http://deafness.about.com/b/2010/04/22/cochlear-implant-cruelty
Unfortunately, the video has been pulled out due to court orders.  So this is something I will be watching very carefully.   This video showed that the little girl is resisting on wearing her CI.  She was fine with first one..but when she got the second one, she complained about it was bothering her and didn't want to wear it.  So apparently, court ordered her to wear them.  I am a little shocked to see how far that went.  Isn't there human rights?  That is really too bad.  I would have been fine if she only want to wear one!   She was doing very well with just one.   (you will see that in next video..)  Talk about going too far!

This video is showing that Grandma and little girl having conversation why she doesn't want to wear it etc..

I really hope that the court would eventually interview the girl, Emma.  The big question is how old is old enough to know?  That is the problem..we as a parent have to make several decisions regards to our children's well being and want the best for them.   An good example:  If my daughter doesn't want to go to school anymore..do I let it?  I guess that is "the pararel line" there whether we chose to decide or not.  It is tough. 
I want Cory to be a successful deaf person, to graduate from school, go to university or college, have a good job, is able to oversee the world without "limitations",  and have a good life.  That is what all parents want..no doubt about it.  I use the word "limitations", it only to have as far as he can.   That's why we provide all the choices for him, so he can have that freedom of choices when he has the best of both worlds (deaf/hearing).
The other day, I found out that there is a decline of deaf children in the deaf community..why????  just because they have Cochlear Implants?  So what? They are still deaf without it..and I want to see my son grow up with different inclusive friends, deaf, hard of hearing, CI, oral deaf, etc.  I don't care how much hearing they have,  I don't care how they communicate.  I would like to see my son having this group of friends while growing up.  This is a NEW generation..let's unity! They always will need each other..this is their world.   The other day, I was thinking..of who will he grow up together..will he see his classmates time to time even after preschool?

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