Happy Mother's Day..

I'm teary as I write this...to this realization that I have 2 beautiful children. To this day, I am blessed as this is first Mother's day with Cory.  What a wonderful gift, that's all I would wanted.  We had a nice day..both kids in bed , having breakfast. It was my favorite! Egg Bennys!!   Cory, well, he try his best to understand that today is Mother's Day.  He said "Mother..happy" in sign language and gave me a wonderful hugs and kisses.  
Last Wednesday, we had a Mother's Day tea party at preschool.  It was bittersweet..my dad was howling with laughter at this story.   Ok..I guess it was funny.  At the time..I was kinda of not impressed.  But I know when I look back at this..I will laugh.

The kids made cookies the day before..and even Cory accepted that it was for "tomorrow".  That morning of Mother's Day tea party, he said to me as soon as he woke up.."cookies today at school, surprise!"  LOL  but he did had a hard time waiting through the day, upon arriving, he asked for it.  They kept saying later.."shhh" then when it's snack time. He asked for it again..he bawled his eyes once he learned that he wasn't gonna get it yet.   Then he saw a boy in class with his mom taking one, as they had to go.  He got upset that he didn't get one yet...      Then after silent reading, it was snack time, he got upset again because he wasn't having at snack time.   Teachers showed him the schedule when they will get it..first snacks, then outside time, then circle then party etc.  He did accepted it..
However, when we came in, he said "cookies!!"  I'm like whacking my head..here we go again!   It wasn't fun..
Now it was time....all moms are asked to leave to go other room where the tables and such were set up.  We patiently, waiting for our little ones to come in.  They all came in with a tray of cookies (2 each) ..and there is Cory..and only one cookie.  With a big grin, he came to my table with crumbles all over his mouth.  (evidence of one cookie ate)  And he sat down and was about to eat another..I had to take it from him!  excuse meeeeee!!  I think not..that one is supposedly to be mine.  He started to get upset...until teacher told him that he has one and one for mommy.   He was fine with it for awhile.   Until then he saw that I didn't eat "all" of my cookie..tried to take that again.  Little bugger! 
Time to teach him the valve of "sharing"...I guess.   :)

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