Signing WHILE he do things...

I had to laugh..but Cory tends to forget not to let go of things while signing to me!   Today, he was riding his bike and all the suddenly he saw a school bus.  He signed to me "school bus", letting go of his handle bars on his bike and fell onto the sidewalk! yikes ..it brings the total of ummm 9 things that I can think of happened during his "activity".  (yes he is ok..so far!)
-Letting go of swing try to tell me something..fell backward. (that was hilarous! but not too funny but the way he fell back..)
-Letting go the garden hose to tell me something and sprayed everyone near by..yikes!
-Letting a friend's puppy leash go,  to sign something. Everyone were running everywhere trying to catch the puppy!!
-Letting go his "thing" while going bathroom...I yelled "Cory, grab that "thing"..don't let it go!!!" jeezzzz  a new bathroom rule now..don't talk while..
-Letting go his new kite...going going and gone!
-Letting go a new balloon, he loves it so much and then when he wanted to say something..he forgets!  Ended up bawling his eyes out!!

Endless...and more to come!

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