Easter Bunny..and all that!!

We did Easter Eggs dyeing and colored them..but Cory never really had hard boiled eggs before.   He was kind of astonished when I peeled the eggs for snack.  He said "where is the baby chick?"  gulp.. CA beat me to it.."its dead".   CA!!!!!  Cory was really sad about it..I thought oh boy...I tried to explain as much as I can.  But I was really at loss for once..(how far can we explain this..?)
I sort of lost my appetite that time..but CA loves boiled eggs and was eating away.   Cory just pulled his apart and there were pieces everywhere..took him painfully 20 minutes to finish what he can.  I didn't want to say anything..like you don't have to eat it..but really its a fact of life thing..the last thing I don't want him to not eat meat..chicken etc..if he starts to get that idea.  That is the path I was trying to avoid.  He needed all the nutrition he can get, especially that he came that far with food.
I did took a picture of his hard boiled egg (what's left of it..) but for some reason that photo is not uploading..
He has been busy with some Easter events going on...first at his Vancouver school, they had an Easter party, with Easter bunny photo op, eggs hunt, crafts, potluck, and crafts. 

How cute is that??!!   I know that he really needs a hair cut..but CA wants to leave it as it is..she said its Justin Bieber look!!  (rolling eyes here...)
We had family (early Easter dinner plus Baba's birthday)..we all went to see her and had cake, then came back for dinner.  Cory had fun looking for candies that my parents hid it around their place.   CA loves her new rain boots (its Easter colored...) lol.     We went down to Birch Bay during Easter break, it was nice to get away for 5 days..we had to make do with Easter thing for the kids.  Lucky, that CA is old enough to know about you know who..and was able to pretend to sleep.  I told her to keep an eye on Pepper so she doesn't touch the candies spread out in the trailer.  LOL.  

During speech therapy..Carolyn has this egg that called out so Cory can come and looking.  He has fun with it.   I finally bought one and I tried it..but it didn't work.  I couldn't figure out why..(I can't hear it!!! seriously!!)  so I had no idea that it was "off"..lol. duh me! I keep telling Cory to listen ..listen..listen!!!
Happy Easter...(sorry this post was late..I forgot to sent it out before)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s6TpFiMYEc&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL   this is a video of Cory looking and following the sounds of baby cow inside Easter Egg..I can't even hear it myself!!

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