WALK a THON!!! 17 days to go!!! Help us to reach our goal and more!

We are doing the Walk a Thon again this year!  Actually, just got a word that we will be away on a cruise with Sean's company as part of "conference"..it was kinda of last minute and of course, we jumped for that opportunity!!
My mom will take in my place and of course, Carrie-Anne and Cory will go as well.  I think it's great that their grandparents will join this walk a thon for a good cause.  BC Family has given us a great support for Cory's needs and this is how we want to say our thanks. 
Did you know that there is a long wait list for children who needs speech therapy as well,  the more money we raised the for that cause, the shortened the wait list will be?   It is ESSENTIAL for these children to receive services for their communication/ language wise.   Imagine not being able to use your speech/voice for first two years of their life..and the impact of delayed development therefore will develop ? 
Come and support the Team Jacksons!!!  If you want to pledge on line..it s the best way to get there directly or you can contact me to make pledge..


Happy walking!!! thanks to all those who donated!!  God Bless!

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