I will NEVER forget this night as long as I live...

My ears are still ringing...from the bloodly hurling scream from Cory right into my ears.  Next time, I will try to remember to turn it off..but I am POSITIVE this incident will NEVER happen again.  Cory learned his lesson..(I hope!)
I was just cleaning up the dinner table until I hear Cory's screaming and banging around in bathtub.  I just literally flew upstair to see what's the matter.   Saw that the bath water was almost white and lots of soap bits everywhere.  Apparently Cory got into mischief and played with soap (the whole bar of it was almost gone..or what's left of it)..he was trying to get it out of his eyes but gad..he has soap all over his hands and was literally rubbing his eyes, trying to get them off!  Obviously!! He made it worse!! I tried to tell him not to do it..but duh he can't see or hear me.  So I pulled his hands away but he was screaming and screaming.  SO I had to think fast! I grabbed the showerhead and start rinsing it all out.  AND he wouldn't stop screaming..OH MY!!!! I couldn't turn off my aids as my hands were soaking wet and I'm trying to go fast as I can to get it off.  but he kept running away and turning around, it was so slippery and I almost had to wrestled him to cooperative.  It was pretty ugly sight, he was screaming on top of his lungs and turning red and furious.  Oh did I mention that he HATES shower???  I feel bad about it but this is sort of emergency..trying to get all the soap out of his hair, face, eyes, his arms and hands etc. I swear that next door neighbour would hear that..
in mist of all this.... I was sitting on the toilet with my phone in my back pocket and somehow it dialed "911" in USA.  (its a different number) and it was "on" the whole 7 minutes of Cory's actions.   I took it out to get more comfortable after rinsing him out and saw that it was dialed to emergency.  oh dang it!!!   I hung up quickly..but thought about it.  I should really call back and let them know.  So I had Carrie-Anne to call back and find out if the call got through and if it did..CA can explained what happened.   I prayed to god that they hasn't send out the reforcements..
They thanked us for it and all is well...so I thought.  15 minutes later...there was several BANGING on the door..it made all of us jump, the girls screamed.  Im like????  the police officers were on scene and they wanted to know if everything is ok.   I said  did you guys come from USA????  They didn't.  They did got a call from USA emergency and send them to investigated.  oh bother!!  SO needless, Cory was already in bed but they want to see him all that.  When we went to his room, I had the little light on and he was under covers (he likes to sleep over covers) and the officer was poking him to see if he is there.  LOL.. I tell you I was gonna be saractic  ..like "I'm sure he is still alive.."  but thought ..nah..better not.  Its bad enough as it is.  He was already out cold...the officer actually leaned over to him.  (to check if he is breathing???)    I asked if you want me to wake him up..told him that he is very tired and it has been a long day so he is out cold fast.     Anyway..they had to write report about this..and all left.  That is that..enough excitement for the day.

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