Ready, Set and Learn!

We went to Carrie-Anne's school today for this special event.."Ready, Set and Learn" program for preschoolers who may be going to AJ McLellan school in two or three years from now.   I think Cory is overexcited about it..he keeps saying when "I'm 5 I will go to CA's school!" so cute!!!  it is nice to be able to explain that to him..mainly in sign language so he can understand the concepts more.  (thank god for that!)  I did tried to explain to him in spoke language for new experiences or things like that.  I can see that he doesn't get it in sense so he would just say "yeah".."yeah" .."yeah".  so I find that if i explain to him about things like that in sign language, he will respond differently!!  he would acknowledge it or fully understand , and repeats it to other people what I told him.   Interesting..
We get to meet two Kindergarten teachers, and the "Boss" / principal ...I had to giggle over that because..I actually said that to Cory..not formally in front of them.  But when he (the principal) was doing the announcement and welcoming "speech" about the school..I told Cory who he is and how to explain the importance of the person and he knows what the boss means...so what's a better way to explain that..in sign language.  Signs of "higher level", "official person" therefore "boss"..he gets it. And he gets it that the principal is of importance.   But a little backfired though..durnig the activity time, Mr. Atwal was making rounds and formally introduce to himself to us.  Cory said "the boss!!!" aloud...I had to chuckled and explained to him how we were explaining to him about the importance of your role like the "boss of school" in sense. 
I know a dream is in a distant right now..and I have hope that Cory will be able to attend CA's school in 2012.   It would be interesting..Carrie-Anne would be in grade 7 and Cory in K by then.  Will she be willing to take him to school and back?   She said she would..but sorry kiddo, you say that now..but wait, a lot can change in a year and half, you may feel different then.
Anyway, it was nice to go, Cory tried different activities provided by the grade 5ers, games, crafts, and blocks for the kids to play. The kids get a small tour of the school, to see where the classrooms are, gym, library etc.  It gives them a sense AND an opportunity to feel and check out the school when they "potentially" would go.   Each kid get to take a bag home of "goodies", I'm impressed.  A book by Eric Carle, playdough, magnify glass, squeezing ball, bubbles, scissors and a game with dice.    Every parents should check out the local school area near their home to see if they have "Ready, Set and Learn" event that the preschoolers can check it out.   I suggested you to try it..or call the school and ask them about it. 

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