Cory's birthday..coming up!

I already told him that his birthday is coming..and that he will be four years old.  He is so excited..he keeps saying "party..party" and wanted to invites friends.  We may not be doing that this year..we are too busy and I can't seem to find a right time to do that.  Maybe in June..so its better late than never.  We are having one with families and one with his foster mom and daughter who will be coming at the end of month.   Every morning, ever since I told him about his birthday, he wakes up with "my birthday today???"..nooooooo..not until two weeks.  Maybe I shouldn't have told him so early..but I wanted him to understand it's coming soon. So I whipped out the calendar and showed it to him.  We will have a family party on this Sunday for his birthday, my Baba and early Easter dinner, since my brother and wife are coming to town.  (This is a perfect opportunity to be able to go down to Birch Bay over five days Easter weekend...) I 'll have to figure out how to get the "Bunny" down there..since we all sleep in the trailer.  It will be tough to ..you know?  At least, thank god..I never thought I would say that..Cory is deaf so he won't hear me trampling around.  CA probably will wake up..but she already knows how special this is..wink.  We talked about making a cake for Sunday and CA asked if we can do hard boiled eggs.  We will have to do that this weekend..so will tell more later and pictures!  Look forward to it!

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