My money jar...

I know this blog is mainly about Cory but I like to add a little about our 10 years old daughter as well.  Carrie-Anne is a tween which is something we are dealing with.   (rolling eyes here..)  I have to admit..it's a lot of fun at our house these days.  (really?..)
CA is so smart...I'm not worrying about her with school work or anything.   In fact, she is kind of a "perfectionist"..it is little scary.  She get upset if she got one wrong on her science test..that kind of thing.   Or if something isn't the way she want to be..sighhhh.    She may be almost 10 years old but it is like dealing with 13 years old or something. (I don't know what is typical teen age for such a thing yet..)   It is really exhausting..I am surprise that I haven't run away yet.    She tends to lose things DAILY..I kid you not.  That bugs the heck of me..I am tired of asking her where is her etc..each time she comes home from school.   She forget her homework, (her planner says she has it..) she probably lost about 4 hoodie sweaters this year.  You get the idea..it's really something I am constantly feel strongly about.  It wasn't about "oh well..too bad..you won't get a new one" etc.   It's more of trying to take more responsibility for her things and respect the valve of things that cost.  She knows she is very lucky to have things that she can have..
Another thing, it's her "listening"...anything I say..it just go through one ear and out in another!   It drives me crazy, to constantly repeat repeat...I keep thinking that she might have a hearing loss.   Her report card is almost too perfect..but one comment "She has trouble with listening in class and following directions".  yup..that is her.
 ( a hearing test in grade 2 already confirmed that her hearing is just fine)
I don't know if its a girl thing..or it's her.    
Anyway, I came across an article in newspaper other day.."Your 8 years old is old enough to be held accountable for losing things"..  I had my "AH HA" moment!!!  I try to have that once a day to keep me sane.   The idea was that she has to learn to respect and hang on to something when they know there's a consquence attached to losing it.   (ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS)..so true so true.
So put his/her forgetfulness into action..the next time he loses or forget something, make sure you bring her along for the search.   AND (plus)  every time she forgets or lose something, she has to give me a dollar in my money jar.  And if there is 10 dollars collected, then I can take away a privilege like no DS game or Wii for a week.   We started that yesterday..and guess what?  I already earn 2 dollars..
AND Sean thought that idea is really good..and we add something else to the mix.   25Cents if I had to repeat what I said to her.  not twice..ONCE!   I already got .50 cents out of it today.   But she is catching on fast!!  I think it's working.   Too bad, we can't try that on Cory.  LOL.  He doesn't have allowance yet...


  1. you know what??? There's a lunch box called Goodbyn. I bought it for my boys since they are always losing their lunch tupperware and I got so fed up with that and it was costing me to replace the tupperware and buying all those ziplock bags as well. So I opted to buy this lunch box called Goodbyn. IT'S THE BEST PURCHASE I ever got!!!!! Do look into that! I love that lunchbox and it's perfect for the boys!! My life is alot easier since then.

  2. yahoooooooo! It's working. Usually before coming in (after outside playing) she actually remembers to collect her things!!! I couldn't believe it!

  3. I'm sure it's totally frustrating... ah, the things I have to look forward to! :) But I do remember going through a stage like this myself. Drove my mom crazy! She taught me to have a mental checklist before leaving for school each day... lunch, check, homework, check, etc. It's definitely just a phase - I'm a fairly organized person nowadays! So take heart, it will pass!

  4. she hasn't forgot a thing today!!!!!!!omg it's working! Finally something that works! Its so nice....I have tried everything..but obviously not everything! So there is alway something out there..ideas, feedbacks etc..that will work! So I have a glimmer of hope..things will be fine..easier and better! (yes..I'm talking about Cory too) :)