Time to have a Summer!!

We're leaving tomorrow to head down to our summer place down at Birch Bay.  Kids and the dog are very excited today..I'm not too sure myself because today they drove me crazy!!   Even Pepper (dog) has been following me all day at my heels, she is making sure that I don't forget her!   It's raining here right now..the kids are restless and bored already! OY!!!  That is NOT good because school isn't officially out yet, and they're bored?   oh boy..I know.   Please pray for me........
Anyway, I just wanted to wish all my faithful readers a great summer..You may not hear from me for a while.  We don't have our own internet so therefore, I may check my emails once a week at the cafe.  
We plan to have a low key summer..not too much outings that requires "spending" money.   So our main plans are staying down at Birch Bay.   Please feel free to come down and visit us for a day..we would love to see you!  We have a pool, beach, and so much to do down there.   Bring your family, bathing suits, towels etc.
Have a good summer..don't drive yourself crazy.  That is my motto!

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