potty mouth???

Ha ha..you guess it.  No ....not really.   Today, Cory's speech today focus was "P" with vowels.  Po, pa, pi, pe, pu ..  His speech therapist C would say those first, then Cory would try to copy her.  But he has troubles doing it somehow.  I signed to him from behind..(for pi) "pee" (for bathroom..) and (pu) "poo"..he actually did it.   No problem..it's good to have sign language associated with speech..it really helps!!  and for another good example. He tried to say "snake"  so he knows ling sound "s" so I would sign "ssss" then say sssssnake. He gets it.   Its so helpful tool to have to headstart with words.  
Today, I'm hearing pu, pi, poh, pa, pe all day.  ugh.  He was outside with CA's friends..one of them exclaimed that Cory said the poo poo words.  LOL.    Of course, bunch of girls are laughing and giggling over it.  Cory loved it!   oh bother..I hope it's not an ongoing thing....

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  1. Great to hear you are practicing and he is copying them now! We will move on to words soon, not to worry!!!!