Now..it's MY turn..

This post is going to be very interesting...you all know that I'm a teacher for 17 years..and every June,   I can hear parents (with deaf child/children) feeling little stressed about "summer".  The programs, or preschools are closed for summer..and I do hear parents feeling little anixous about what to do with their kids for the summer.  Seems at loss for trying to have a good summer..I don't know if its a general thing or it's the deaf thing.  I never have worked in hearing preschool..so I don't know if this is normal for all families (deaf or hearing).
When it's June..I try my best to tell them to have a good summer..don't worry about it.  It will be fine, try to give handouts of ideas what to do, deaf community/events..most of all..just enjoy those times off with your child. 
So far as I'm concerned..every summer I looked forward to it with my daughter (before Cory) and my husband.  We always go down to Birch Bay, camping, waterslides, Bible Vacation Camp, so on..so much to do.  It always end on a positive note..I am always sad at the end of August but yet, ready for school by then. 
Now, we have Cory..I have to admit, I am a little anxious to see how this summer is gonna pan out.   I am prepared to have fun, go crazy, swimming every day, daily walks to beach, messy art play, parks, lots of biking (at Birch Bay).  But something tells me..it is not going to be easy.  A gut feeling...is it because of hearing all those that parents saying so?   I know it will be little different than it is usually.  Its only that IF "I" just try to NOT let little things get to me..go with the follow, set up some structures and plan some trips.  Experience it, try new things, explore, positive energy..take lots of naps...lol.   but have FUN FUN FUN!  How hard could it be?  How bad can it be?  
I will find out..this summer.  Many of the "firsts"....but just pray for me.   LOL

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